Why our NHS is worth the wait!

Trying to stay calm. As the blue flashing lights pulled up outside and the paramedics came in to tend to our baby. What would we have done without them? Nobody else was home, nobody who could drive anyway. What if they hadn’t sent an ambulance or they didn’t get here so fast. What if he’d had a […]

Experiencing Thorntons Chocolate at Intu Derby

When Little Fox and I received an invite to the new Thorntons Cafe store at Intu Derby, we didn’t need to think twice about saying yes! It is chocolate after all. The new concept store opened on November 2nd. And is the first of it’s kind boasting it’s own in-store chocolatier on hand making new […]

Test driving the Diono Quantum – A Pushchair review

Like many mums, I love a good pushchair. They can be statement pieces as well as a practical part of parenthood and I can’t resist seeing what’s new on the market. I suppose it’s a lot like men and fancy cars. Here at Leelee loves we love putting things to the test and giving you an honest […]

A Potty Training Update with Huggies® Pull-Ups®

It’s time for a potty training update!  Since we announced we were taking on the challenge to potty train Little Fox, I know it won’t have been at the forefront of your mind – but it certainly has been for me. I can’t avoid the toddler with a poo down his trouser leg at 6am. […]

Immerse yourself in the upside down with Stranger Things Season 2!

It’s official. Stranger Things Season 2 is here! If you loved Season 1 as much as we did then you’ll have been waiting what feels like an eternity for this moment to arrive. Maybe you’ve been insta-stalking Millie Bobbie Brown whilst you wait, or maybe that’s just me? Either way, Mike, Eleven and the gang have […]

The perils of pregnancy and the inability to sleep! ft Pregnancy Pillows

It’s happening. If you’ve been pregnant before you’ll know what I’m talking about. That transition your body starts to make during the final months of pregnancy to prepare you for what’s to come. Sleep. And the inability to get any. Waking throughout the night to go to the loo, only to find you didn’t need it. Shaking off those restless […]

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