Yes, my son plays with dolls – Our Rubens Barn Story

“No, you don’t want the dolly… ” Hang on. Why wouldn’t he want the dolly and why does another mother feel it’s appropriate to tell my son otherwise? Because he’s a boy? Surely not. It’s 2017, where it’s natural to see and support stay at home dads, same-sex couples and gender equality is actually a thing! I wouldn’t want my son […]


All new Kazoops

If you live with little ones of the cbeebies watching variety you may have already come across Kazoops. Starting this bank holiday Monday Kazoops is back with all new episodes. And we’re really rather excited Monty Kazoops, is the little boy with a vivid imagination and a loyal pet pig, is back with brand new […]

Baking a Chocolate Cherry Brownie cake with My Little Piccolo!

You may be familiar with Mediterranean baby food brand Piccolo. From their veggie-packed pouches to delicious fruit pureè we’re rather fond of Piccolo pouches in our house. When Piccolo got in touch and asked us to help them celebrate their 1st birthday by baking a cake we couldn’t wait! First of all, we needed to choose our […]

Toddler Testing the new Tonka TINYS

The majority of little boys and girls go through a phase of loving trucks, diggers and cars. Since we moved house Little Fox has taken a real interest in diggers. They drive by our house throughout the day building the rest of the estate. And he loves to stand at the window and watch them. When his new Tonka […]

Does Netflix tickle your factual fancy?

As a nation of entertainment lovers it’s likely you’ll have heard of Netflix. If not, where have you been? Having already made it’s way into homes nation wide Netflix have analysed member viewing in the UK from October 2016 to March 2017. The findings reveal which regions are more inclined to watch a specific genre compared to others. Revealing how […]

5 things they didn’t tell me about post pregnancy

Aside from sleepless nights, cluster feeding and the avoidable poonami their are some things nobody told me would happen after I had my baby. It wasn’t in the books, and I wasn’t prepared for some of the surprises! I’d no longer be a pregnant whale waddling everywhere. Instead I’d be rocking a jelly belly and […]

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