Creating creepy halloween cupcakes!

As Halloween fast approaches I’ve been looking at ways to keep Little Fox entertained. The half term break means our usual groups and classes aren’t running and mummy needs all the help she can get to keep him busy. From crafts and baking to home decorating we’re doing it all! This year, thanks to his new […]

A nice-to-have newborn baby wishlist

Although I’m not new to this, having a baby is still a pretty big deal. And for many of you, it may be your first time. You’ll be bombarded with what you do and don’t need. So taking that into consideration and honing in on my experience of having had one child already I’ve been […]

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Surviving a long car journey with a toddler, and Netflix

Embarking on a long car journey pre-children meant running safety checks before hitting the road. Testing your tyre pressure, oil, water and fuel. Ensuring you had enough snacks and creating the perfect soundtrack to get you there. It wasn’t all bad. Throw children into the mix and it’s an entirely different story. Although you still have to run the […]

Not sure where to give birth? It’s your choice…

Did you know that you can choose to have your baby in a hospital, a birthing centre or at home? Wherever you choose to give birth, your experience should be a positive one. CQC publishes reports to help you make the best choice for you. As the arrival of our second baby looms closer it’s […]


Is the Skip Hop Greenwich Backpack the changing bag I’ve been looking for?

Once you become a parent you find yourself carrying around insane amounts of stuff. Stuff you never would have thought about pre-parenthood. Gone are the days of simply picking up your keys, phone and lipstick before dashing out of the house. You need to carry multiple changes of clothes, nappies, wipes creams, food, the list goes on. […]

Ways to save money on baby essentials

Having a baby can be expensive, especially if it’s your first. Or if you decided not to hang onto everything from previous babies. Babies don’t need huge amounts, a lot of them are ‘nice to have’ but not essential. Of course, you could always take out a quick loan in times of need and indulge in […]