5 things you might do differently in a second pregnancy

Did you do anything differently the second time around? Find yourself worrying less or notice time passing you by? It’s so strange, everything was focussed on the pregnancy the first time. Here are 5 things I’ve noticed that make a second pregnancy different to the first. 1. Forgetting you’re pregnant… – I know, this sounds terrible! But it’s true. I have […]

We’re having a baby!

If you follow our social channels then you’ll already be aware, we’re having a baby. Little Fox is being promoted to big brother! I thought it’s about time we put this out there via the blog, Considering we’re already half way there. It seems to go so much faster when you already have a child to […]

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We’re summer ready – Ticking off our Bucket & Spade List with Frugi!

Summer is finally here. As those longer days and lighter evenings set in we intend to make the most of it while we can! The lovely team at Frugi know all about summer fun and have asked us to write our very own Bucket & Spade List and start ticking them off. ✓  Eating Ice-cream in the sun! […]

Going on a potty train with Huggies® Pull-Ups®!

The time has come. And I’m not sure I’m ready, but Little Fox is. I don’t think any parent will ever say they’re ready for the moment they need to start Potty Training. But it can’t be avoided. It’s time to make a start. With the help of Huggies® we’ll be following the 6 steps to […]


Documenting our days the easy way, with Skwibble

Let me introduce you to Skwibble. An app that lets you log those daily moments and store memories of your little one at your fingertips. Having been that first-time mummy who bought more than one baby record book, and failed to complete even one, I know it’s not easy to keep up. We start with […]

Yes, my son plays with dolls – Our Rubens Barn Story

“No, you don’t want the dolly… ” Hang on. Why wouldn’t he want the dolly and why does another mother feel it’s appropriate to tell my son otherwise? Because he’s a boy? Surely not. It’s 2017, where it’s natural to see and support stay at home dads, same-sex couples and gender equality is actually a thing! I wouldn’t want my son […]

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