5 Reasons To Look Into Getting Porcelain Veneers

There are millions of us across the UK that have chipped, discoloured, or malformed teeth. If you’re in this category, you’re not alone. And while you should never feel like you have to change your appearance, for those who aren’t confident with their teeth, this could be stopping you from living your best life.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments have continued to rise in popularity. More and more people are looking into procedures like porcelain veneers as a way to enhance their smile and restore confidence. Here we will explore the potential benefits of getting porcelain veneers and why it’s one of the most popular treatments performed in cosmetic dentistry.

Look and Feel Natural

Porcelain veneers are custom made to provide a natural appearance. This means unless you told someone you’ve had cosmetic dental treatment done, they would not have the slightest idea! We’re all aware of the horror stories of people getting cosmetic dental work that looks anything but natural. However, with porcelain veneers, you can be guaranteed they won’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. Make sure you pick a reputable dentist like Cheriton Dental Practice. They’re a Christchurch dentist who provide porcelain veneer treatment. Other treatments they offer include teeth whitening, gum care, and fillings.

Can Cover Cracks, Chips, and Discolouration

For those who have small cosmetic issues, they may be noticeable when you talk or smile. If you opt for porcelain dental veneers, they’re able to fix chips, cracks, and discolouration. However, if you’ve got a fragile tooth, your dentist may advise you have a dental crown to restore your tooth to its natural appearance and strength. 

Increase Confidence

Unfortunately, some people find their confidence hits rock bottom because of the way their teeth look. If you’re not happy with your smile, you may be reluctant to open up and socialise. This can affect you in many aspects of life. Whether you’re attending a job interview or going on a first date, if you’re not confident with your smile, you could be stopping yourself from all kinds of opportunities. When you opt for porcelain veneers, they can transform you into a more confident and assertive person. When you know your smile is dazzling, you won’t be able to stop showing it off!

Low Maintenance 

One of the great positives of porcelain veneers is they’re stain resistant. However, you will need to still brush your teeth twice each day and remember to floss to keep on top of your oral health. Also, make sure you have regular dental checkups. This will help to keep your veneers clean and allow you to continue enjoying a beautiful, white smile.


We’re not going to say porcelain veneers will last you a lifetime. But, if you take diligent care of them and follow the above, they can last for roughly 10 years. Porcelain veneers provide excellent longevity and aesthetics, meaning you won’t have to get them replaced for many, many years.

Porcelain veneers can help restore your smile from cracks, slight chips, and discolouration. If you’re not happy about your smile and want to make a change, it may be time to consider this option. Before making your mind up, do your research into cosmetic dentists in your area to ensure you find a reputable clinic to carry out treatment. 

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