Sound asleep with The Little Green Sheep

Upon preparing for the arrival of our second child we knew Little Fox would need to upgrade from his cot bed to a big boy bed. Although the baby won’t be needing his old cot for a while, we thought it was best to introduce these changes sooner rather than later. I didn’t want him feeling […]

Protecting mattresses with B-Sensible Bedding 

When Little Foxe’s new bed arrived it dawned on me, we didn’t have a protective sheet! And I started having visions of leaky nappies and spilt milk on the new mattress. When B-Sensible asked if we’d like to try out their protective bedsheets I thought it could be a good solution to my new mattress nightmares. Especially in […]

Test driving the Diono Quantum – A Pushchair review

Like many mums, I love a good pushchair. They can be statement pieces as well as a practical part of parenthood and I can’t resist seeing what’s new on the market. I suppose it’s a lot like men and fancy cars. Here at Leelee loves we love putting things to the test and giving you an honest […]

Is the Skip Hop Greenwich Backpack the changing bag I’ve been looking for?

Once you become a parent you find yourself carrying around insane amounts of stuff. Stuff you never would have thought about pre-parenthood. Gone are the days of simply picking up your keys, phone and lipstick before dashing out of the house. You need to carry multiple changes of clothes, nappies, wipes creams, food, the list goes on. […]

Holy Smokes Batman!

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na Batman! You may not be aware but Saturday was National Batman Day, that’s a n actual thing. Batman is so cool he requires his own day. Although this year Harley Quinn has been attempting to swoop in a steal his thunder to celebrate […]

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