First impressions of the UPPAbaby VISTA

When it comes to baby gear the biggest decision, for me at least, has to be the pushchair. I’ve never been a lover of shoes or handbags. I’m one of those women who loves a good travel system.

Upon finding out we were expecting Dolly I started to scour to market for what’s hot. What’s the in thing when it comes to pushchairs these days?

It had been 3 years since we bought that much loved first pushchair for Little Fox. And we didn’t do bad in our choice. But I’d like to think I’m better educated when it comes to the world of pushchairs these days!

One that kept cropping up was the UPPAbaby VISTA. I had more than one friend who praised this travel system, one went as far as saying she’s never looked at another since. That’s a bold statement for a woman who loves a good pram.

I’d have liked to write this post before the baby had even arrived. To run through its basic features, assembly and build quality, maybe film an unboxing. During that nesting period where you pack and re-pack your hospital bag 15 times and push the empty pram around the house in anticipation…

That would have been great. If we didn’t have an early arrival. Who would have anticipated going for a scan one day and being told to come back for a cesarian the next morning? Not I!

The VISTA was still in its box when we brought her home!

The big build –

Putting the UPPAbaby VISTA together was simple, or so I’ve been told. Unable to lift or move much after surgery the man took over on this one! He informs me that it was easy. It was up and ready to stroll within 5-10 minutes, no swearing involved, so I assume it was nice and simple.

Pop the wheels onto the chassis, clip on the bassinet and you’re ready to roll!

Within 10 minutes of unboxing the VISTA, we were off on our first family outing, to Morrisons. Where I shuffled around using the pushchair for support, in search of maternity pads and paracetamol. Oh, the glamour!

We do not have a picture of that.

What’s in the box?

The VISTA comes with everything you need from a newborn to toddler. Many pushchairs don’t come with the bassinet included, so it’s nice not to have that added extra expense and know your baby will be lay flat in a safe, cosy, environment. The mattress is also safe for overnight sleeping. Great for travel. You can also purchase a stand to use it as an alternative to a Moses basket, nifty.

Upon first use, Dolly looked tiny in the carrycot. Hence the nickname. At this point, I was one-week post surgery. I wasn’t sprinting to toddler group and I didn’t have my camera glued to me like usual. So please forgive the poor pictures, but look how tiny she was! –  5lb of pink squish, with her knees stuck up by her nipples – And how roomy that bassinet is! She’s still using it now at almost 6 months old.

You also get the seat unit, two rain covers and mosquito nets. Everything you need to get going in one box. Brilliant!

Fab features –

A great feature is that the VISTA can be used a double. Simply by using the upper and lower adapters (sold separately), you can use the VISTA as a double pushchair from day 1 with the seat unit and bassinet.

To use it as a double with two seats you’d need to purchase a rumble seat separately. But we haven’t needed to.

Based on Little Fox’s age and size he was able to use the seat unit whilst Dolly was in the bassinet. This was a great option when he wasn’t feeling well.

Now he’s mastered the piggyback board and we’re approaching the time to move Dolly into the seat unit!

The Piggyback board is a great additional accessory, perfect for toddlers. When not in use it flips up and stays in position. It definitely makes daily outings easier for us and the little one loves it.

The bassinet also comes off easily, you can do it one-handed. This has allowed us to keep Dolly close and shaded when out on picnics in the park! The hood also boasts a pull out SPF 50+ UV sun protector, and a mesh opening at the back with magnets to hold it up. Perfect for this warm weather.

Do we like it?

Following 3 hospital admissions for the little lady within her first 4 months. From Bronchiolitis to Meningitis, the family strolls in the park with a newborn I had dreamt up weren’t to be. The VISTA spent a lot of time sitting in our kitchen waiting for its adventures to begin.  Now we’re making up for lost time and really putting it through its paces!

From strolls in the park to trekking down dirt tracks at the farm. The UPPAbaby VISTA has taken every adventure in its stride. Not many pushchairs handle all terrains as fluidly as this one.  It’s robust, yet stylish. And the basket is ginormous.

The real leather handle and bumper bar add a really nice finish to the latest edition of the UPPAbaby VISTA. And for those sporting an older model you can buy zip-on versions to give yourself an upgrade! My only niggle with the leather handlebar is that ours has started to twist it’s way around the handlebar creating a gap. The stitching is no longer central and I can’t seem to get it to move back. The zip on version would be easier to adjust in this case. First world problem.

Available in an array of colours theirs a VISTA for everyone. Ours is the Henry. A lovely blue marl with brown leather accents. I would love the option to change the fabric colours on the seat unit but haven’t seen an option to buy these yet. The Emmet Green Melange is beautiful! Theirs also a great selection of accessories you can buy, I’ve already got my eye on the cosy ganoosh footmuff for winter and the snack tray. Genius!

Overall the UPPAababy VISTA meets all of our needs, it can cater to both of our children, newborn and 3 years. It folds down to a good size for our car (the bassinet can also be flattened with ease) and the piggyback board is a must have with a toddler in tow.

We’ll be sharing more about the UPPAbaby VISTA as we continue to use it. Next stop, the beach!

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