Clever ideas to make the most of the space under your stairs

When adding a staircase to the home, large spaces can be created underneath that can look unsightly. You might want to make use of this space if your home is on the smaller side, or fancy getting creative and turning the area into a functional living space. From play areas to office space, check out our top under-stairs design ideas that will hopefully inspire your next home makeover project!

Install built-in storage

Adding built-in wardrobes containing drawers or cupboards under the stairs is not only a great way to maximise the storage space in your home but also a simple way to add a unique and stylish touch to your home, which will increase its value in the long term. A well-ordered home is the key to a well-ordered life – hide your unsightly items and store your outdoor clothes here for easy access and a clutter-free hallway.

Build a playroom for the kids

Turn the small open space into a little den for the kids; not only does this make for the perfect hiding spot, but it also keeps the toys out of the living areas. Here you can store books, games and other small playthings, ready for the next games night. You can also get your children to help decorate the interior of the playroom however they like – this way they don’t ruin any other areas of the house!

Create a cosy reading area

For areas under the stairs that are possibly too small to build anything too extravagant, the space could be perfect as a reading nook. All you need here is a small bench, some comfy cushions and a good source of lighting. After a long day, having a place to chill and relax in the home is ideal.

Use it as a workstation

With more of us working from home or adopting a hybrid working policy, we are finding ourselves trying out different ideas for a home office. Not everyone will have a spare room to dedicate to a workspace, which requires a little more creativity. Regardless of the size of the space under your stairs, a suitable desk and chair can easily make the area feel like a private workstation. If you want to, why not install a few shelves to store all your important work documents and office stationery?


Hopefully, our tips will help to give you some ideas on how to transform your understairs space into something unique and practical. If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments below!

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