Instilling a love of reading with The Book People

Books are something I have always loved, the feeling of fresh crisp pages and the scent of printers ink. Their is nothing quite like that moment when you curl with a new book. Reading is a great way for me to wind down and relax. Something I knew I wanted to share with my children, should I […]

My top 5 places to read a good book

Reading has always been a great way for me to relax, unwind and escape the everyday. I love to read! But it’s not relaxing if the place in which I read isn’t relaxed. I need to be somewhere clean and comfortable to sit back and enjoy a good book. Otherwise, I find myself distracted. I […]

Six Children’s Books We Loved in January

As somebody who loves to read I’ve always felt it’s important to encourage Taylor to read too. He has  a great book collection at the age of 2 and loves to sit and read together. And as we read so many books I’m going to start sharing our favourites with you. This month we’ve particularly enjoyed […]

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A letter to Santa with Peppa Pig and Ladybird books

Who’s that? What’s that? Questions you’ll hear on repeat form my two year old who appear to want to know everything! Preparing him for Christmas was filled with questions, who’s Santa? He’s a little young to really understand the entire concept. With the help of Peppa Pig we did manage to get him to understand that Santa was going to bring presents to the good […]

Hello Little Egg!: An Oona and Baba Adventure

Hello Litte Egg is the first picture book from the popular Puffin Rock animated series on Nick Jr. Following two adorable Puffins, Oona and Baba, on an adventure across their home of Puffin Rock. Upon finding themselves in the company of a little egg whilst out playing they make it their mission to to return […]

This is NOT a Bedtime Story

This is NOT a bedtime story follows Sophie, a little girl who wants ‘one last story’ before bed. Sophie’s Dad obliges and starts to read a story about Pink Kitten, a cute pink kitten. Sophie isn’t impressed. Taking it upon herself to add a to the story, Pink Kitten soon becomes a light sabre wielding kitten. A car driving, helicopter flying, robot dinosaur […]

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