This is NOT a Bedtime Story


This is NOT a bedtime story follows Sophie, a little girl who wants ‘one last story’ before bed. Sophie’s Dad obliges and starts to read a story about Pink Kitten, a cute pink kitten. Sophie isn’t impressed. Taking it upon herself to add a to the story, Pink Kitten soon becomes a light sabre wielding kitten. A car driving, helicopter flying, robot dinosaur fighting kitten! This is more like it.


The short story Sophie’s Dad had intended on has become a completely different story. Sophie and Dad are now inside the story with Pink Kitten and a real life Lion!

Following one epic adventure Sophie is finally ready for bed. Fighting robot dinosaurs is tiring work after all.


Taylor was in awe as we animatedly read the book aloud and started to point at the pictures letting out a cute ‘oooh’ as the story progressed. His love for stories is growing and at 14 months old he has started to sit quietly and engage more whilst we read to him.


We both enjoyed this book and I particularly liked how it wasn’t aimed at one gender. It shows that Girls don’t always want to hear stories about pink kittens and fluffy clouds, they love action and adventure just as much as boys. Encouraging boys and girls to use their imagination and be spontaneous!


Accompanied by a series of beautiful and funny illustrations, which I loved the unique style of, we’ll certainly be looking to read more picture books from Will Mabbitt and Fred Blunt.

This is NOT a Bedtime Story is a fast paced tale of imagination and adventure. Not the sort of book you might want to wind down with before bed but the title did warn you!

You can purchase your copy of This is NOT a Bedtime Story for £6.99 at at your local book shop or online at Hive (Supporting your high street).

We were sent this book on exchange for an honest review – all opinions are honest and our own.


  • Joanna

    We got this book last week for Blake have read it once so far and he seemed to love it!

  • Alice & Amelia

    This book looks lovely I’ve seen it about a few times recently. Amelia loves her stories so might have to get this one :)!

  • What a lovely review of a fun sounding children’s book! 🙂

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    Lovely review – I’m always on the look out for nice new books for the littlies – have to give this one a go xx

  • Lisa

    Lovely book will definitely be reading this to Darcey when she gets a bit older x

  • Zoë Forde

    Love the illustrations in this! Looks like a fab little adventure. Great pick x

  • claire witt

    We love books and don’t have this one! its looks great! 🙂

  • Sarah Cantwell

    This looks great and at least it warns you not to read it before bed! X

  • Jenna Richards

    Loving the sound of this book – and I think it is one that my Hubby would quite like to read too. We are a sucker for awesome illustrations in children’s books.

  • Hello Beautiful Bear

    I think Lily would love this, it looks like a really exciting book and I love the illustrations 🙂 x

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