A letter to Santa with Peppa Pig and Ladybird books

Who’s that? What’s that? Questions you’ll hear on repeat form my two year old who appear to want to know everything! Preparing him for Christmas was filled with questions, who’s Santa? He’s a little young to really understand the entire concept.

With the help of Peppa Pig we did manage to get him to understand that Santa was going to bring presents to the good girls and boys and the idea of a letter!

Using a template from the Ladybird Books website we printed our letter to Santa Clause. I wanted the moment to be a fun experience for Taylor. We sat at the table and explained what the letter was for, who we were sending it to, and what we wanted to say.

Although he isn’t at an age where he knows what he would like to ask santa for he did help answer the questions. He was able to tell me his name, if he had been good or not and that the letter was to Santa. He also signed the letter with his own little scribble before we sealed it up to send to Santa Clause!

You can print out your own letter alongside some other exciting and festive activities on the Ladybird Books website.

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