Instilling a love of reading with The Book People

Books are something I have always loved, the feeling of fresh crisp pages and the scent of printers ink. Their is nothing quite like that moment when you curl with a new book. Reading is a great way for me to wind down and relax. Something I knew I wanted to share with my children, should I be fortunate enough to have any.

When I found out I was pregnant with Little Fox it wasn’t little booties and vests I was looking forward to buying. It was books. Before our firstborn owned any clothing he had the complete works of Dr Seuss. Curling up with my newborn baby and reading to him was something I had imagined over and over. I even read to him in utero.

Three years on we’ve got a lot of reading under our belts, he’s a huge fan of the traditional bedtime story and his baby sister gets to join in too.

As well as our weekly visit to the library I’ve always purchased a lot of books. We’re running out of space for them!

My go-to place for finding great stories the little ones will enjoy is The Book People. They have a great selection of affordable children’s books. They also have various rating systems and collections to help you narrow down the vast selection. This makes it easier to find what you want! From Hand Picked Favourites and the Editors Pick to Best Sellers.

Using the Hand Picked Favourites selection I’ve chosen some new books to keep us busy this summer!

At 3 years old Little Fox is starting to recognise words by himself, he’s also been learning phonics at nursery. I want to encourage this by helping him to learn to read as we prepare for starting school next year, I knew The Book People would have just what we need.

To start us off we’ve gone for the Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper Collection: Levels 1-3 It’s 33 books in a zip up bag. Perfect for teaching him to read.

For bedtime, I’ve opted for something a little different to our usual short picture books. Longer stories that can hold his attention and get his imagination going. The Roald Dahl collection is something that will last both children for years come. I still remember being read James and The Giant Peach as a child myself and the anticipation of waiting for bedtime to find out what was going to happen next!

The Book People have so many handpicked favourites for the whole family to enjoy that we were spoilt for choice.  In the end, I opted for the Mr Men and Little Miss libraries, perfect short stories for them to enjoy together and each keep a collection in their bedrooms.

I love how I’ve managed to pass my love of reading onto my children. Dolly may only be 6 months old but she’s participated in bedtime stories since day dot. Not that she had much say in the matter.

Little Fox now requests that she lay in bed with him each night while I read their stories. One of my favourite parts of the day, and not because they’re going to bed!

So far our favourites have been Mr Messy and Fantastic Mr Fox!

What are your little one’s favourite books? Tell us in the comments below, we love a good book!

We were sent this books as part of this post via The Book People. All views and love of books are our own!
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