Six Children's Books We Loved in January

As somebody who loves to read I’ve always felt it’s important to encourage Taylor to read too. He has  a great book collection at the age of 2 and loves to sit and read together. And as we read so many books I’m going to start sharing our favourites with you.

This month we’ve particularly enjoyed the following books.

1 – I Can Only Draw Worms by Will Mabbit

A counting book using simple illustrations of worms, because Will, can only draw worms! This one makes us giggle because of course you have to tickle when you’re reading about wriggly worms!

2 – Edie by Sophy Henn 

We love books by Sophy, especially her illustrations. Edie is a little girl who is ever so helpful. It also reminds mummy of Taylors antics. Those little things that children think are helpful, when really they’re not.

3 – The Fox and The Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith 

This is defintley a mummy favourite, I’ve been a fan of C B-S work for a long time. An entire book illustrated by her is beautiful.
This book follows the story of a beautiful little fox and his onlt friend, the star. But when Star isn’t there one night Fox has to face his fears of the forest alone.

4 – Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Strickland

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp! Who doesn’t love counting Dinosaurs, especially when you’re 2? We love this one, making sounds and acting out the story. A fun way to learn numbers

5 – Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Peepo is a classic story for little ones, it always provides the most giggles in our house. Taylor loves pointing out everything he recognises in this book and joins in with the ‘PEEPO!’

6- Goodnight Moon – By Margaret Wise-Brown
Goodnight Moon is another classic and great for bedtime. It encourages little ones to say goodnight to everything from the items in their room to the moon outside.

If you enjoy reading or want to encourage your little ones to read more their are some reasons why it could benefit them on this infograph for a preschool in Oxford from Bright Horizons.

  • The first 4 books are new to me and I love the sound of them. We love reading children’s books here.

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