How to buy gifts for children, without losing your mind!

If like myself buying gifts for children makes you want to bang your head against a wall you’re not alone. I can rack up hours searching google for answers whenever a Birthday approaches. It never ends well and I always winging  it whilst hoping for the best. Before having a child of my own I […]

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What’s in Taylor’s Easter Basket

Last year Taylor was too young to enjoy the chocolate eggs associated with Easter. Although Chocolate isn’t something we generally give to him, this year he will be able to enjoy some traditional Easter treats. The Easter basket I created last year contained a few items Taylor needed and would use, this years is a little bit more […]


What Taylor Wore – With Blade & Rose

This week Taylor and I have been staying indoors during our free time as quite frankly it’s been chuffing freezing outside. We had 8 inches of snow last week. It’s been a bit chilly. We’ve spent our time playing with blocks, watching movies and reading books, it’s been great. Sometimes it’s nice to just stay […]

What Taylor Wore – The Christmas Eve Edition, with Mamas & Papas

As we prepared for Taylor’s 1st Christmas, obviously a very big deal, I went on a mission to find a ‘First Christmas’ sleepsuit. Very few places I found did these in sizes big enough. I don’t think everyone realises that not all babies having their first Christmas are newborns. Taylor was born on the 1st of January so […]


Baby’s Big Day Out – With George at ASDA

Although England, namely Manchester, is known for the ridiculous amount of wet weather I didn’t anticipate two weeks of non-stop rain over the festive period, a broken boiler and a very much un-planned house move. Where was the snow? The lovely boxing day walks around the park? When ASDA asked us to take part in Baby’s […]


What Taylor Wore – Featuring Bobux Baby Shoes

As I forced a t-shirt over Taylor’s head trying not to squish his precious little nugget this morning I realised it might not be his massive bonce that’s the problem but the t-shirt. He’d been growing, AGAIN. You put them to bed one size and they wake up both longer and wider than the previous day. […]

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