Baby's Big Day Out - With George at ASDA

Although England, namely Manchester, is known for the ridiculous amount of wet weather I didn’t anticipate two weeks of non-stop rain over the festive period, a broken boiler and a very much un-planned house move. Where was the snow? The lovely boxing day walks around the park?

When ASDA asked us to take part in Baby’s Big Day Out whilst trying some of their lovely George clothing with Taylor I didn’t think twice. I did however need to plan around the weather and opted for a day of indoor adventures. Here’s what we go up to!

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Having been back at work full time for a week I decided the weekend would be perfect for a Big Day Out with Taylor as it felt like I hadn’t seen him all week and my goodness did I miss his little face.

We started our day with a trip into town, Taylor wore his new quilted jacket from George and traveled on a bus to the local book shop where we spent a voucher he received for Christmas. It wasn’t until we were home I realised all 3 books I selected for him were about cats. We do love cats!

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After completing a few errands together we headed home for a spot of lunch where Daddy was waiting to drive us to soft play!

We visited a new soft play area and had lots of fun in the baby section, although their were a few too many older children being silly Taylor remained unscathed and had a great time burning off some energy whilst meeting other babies. Taylor wore jeans and t shirt from the George range at Asda, the quality of the items surprised me, the jeans are lined and so soft they’ve become a staple in his wardrobe along with the casual t shirts which come in packs of 3.


Having put mummy and daddy through their paces at soft play we went on a Sunday drive to look at some houses and potential places to buy our future family home, followed by an early dinner of Chinese food and baby snacks. Making the most of an opportunity to try mummy’s ice cream too of course!


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As the day drew to a close we headed home to get our little minion ready for bed. After his bath Taylor wore these two piece Disney pyjamas, this was the first time Taylor has worn ‘big boy’ pyjamas and my goodness he looked so cute and grown up!


After choosing one of his new books purchased that morning, Max at Night by Ed Vere, we snuggled up to read a story together where Max the cat went on a journey to find the moon and say goodnight to him.

We had a lovely day together as a family and I loved spending time out with my boys, Taylor was so well behaved all day, their were no tears or tantrums and he went to bed happy.

The perfect end to the perfect day!

  • I love the tigger pjs! They make him look so smart and bring out his gorgeous big eyes. Great outfits x

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      Thank you Ana, I love them. He looks like a real little boy, so grown up. Where has my baby gone?! x

  • Ah, what a lovely day – and some very very cute photos! We’ve had a few lovely odds and ends from George at Asda, but as I don’t live very near a store, I don’t often think to check them out. I think I should look again!

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      I don’t live close to a store anymore but certainly think i’ll be going online and seeing what the new season ranges bring! xx

  • Awwww look at his Pjamas they look so cute and so adorable on him. I love George Asda and there clothing, I worked with them last year and loved everything I got.

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      I didn’t have high expectations but they shown me, I’m now a convert! Great quality items and really cute. x

  • Donna Wishart

    When it comes to baby clothes you cannot go wrong with George at Asda. I loved them for both quality and price x

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      I agree! I hadn’t used them before but I think I’ll be making some visits. We had some Primark items and after 1 wash they were too small and weird shapes. Asda have been perfect! x

  • Aww..I loved all his outfits..and the last one..Disney pyjamas..They look so adorable on him..

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      Thank you Bilna, I can’t believe how grown up he is looking. x

  • emmaand3

    what a cutie, he looks like he enjoyed his day out. George clothes are my go to for holiday clothes and i love their matching sets.

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      I’m so glad he enjoyed it, having been at work all week I was hoping for a fun weekend but was having visions of him being grumpy or having tantrums. Thankfully he was good all day! The sets are really good and great value. x

  • Ickle Pickle

    oh what a lovely day you had. Those Disney pyjamas are absolutely gorgeous! We love George clothes. Kaz x

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      I am in love with them! Although not sure I’m loving how big he looks.

  • Janette Davey

    Looks like a great day and I love your photos. Taylor looks very happy with the outfits x

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      Thank you! We had a lovely time, I can’t wait for next weekend with him! Boo to being back at work. x

  • Zoë Forde

    I love George at Asda clothing for myself, seen as I don’t have any children, but I love how adorable their children’s clothes are too! Quilted jackets, I mean where could you go wrong?

  • What a lovely day out and a great initiative by George at Asda. Those Pjs are very cute and you have captured some lovely photos. I love that they have reasonable priced 100% cotton clothes.

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