What Taylor Wore - With Blade & Rose

This week Taylor and I have been staying indoors during our free time as quite frankly it’s been chuffing freezing outside. We had 8 inches of snow last week. It’s been a bit chilly. We’ve spent our time playing with blocks, watching movies and reading books, it’s been great. Sometimes it’s nice to just stay indoors and enjoy each others company without the chaos of trying to leave the house and pack a changing bag.

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Whilst enjoying our time at home on Saturday Taylor wore some cute items from Blade & Rose. A leading British children’s clothing brand specialising in a trendsetting range of leggings and clothing accessories. Blade & Rose was created whilst designer Amanda was on maternity leave. Which ultimately led the company to be named  after her childrens middle name ‘Blade’ and ‘Rose’. Each piece of the collection is unique and has the trademark design on the bum.


We love the bright colours and bold designs of Blade & Rose. Taylor has put their comfort to the test with his active lifestyle, that means running, climbing, playing, eating and snoozing… He’s done it all and the outfit came out unscathed.

I particularly love how stretchy the leggings are, and of course the cute whale bum. They fit over cloth nappies with ease which is a plus in my book, and are easy to put on which is a plus for Tails too.

I found the body suit to be a tad small on the tummy but maybe that’s Taylor eating too many dinners! The socks have to be one of my favourite items as they are one of the only brands we’ve found that will actually stay on his feet for more than 5 seconds. That’s impressive!


This won’t be the last time we see Tails in Blade & Rose, seriously, how cute is that whale bum? I need more of this in my life. He’s been scooting around in these little leggings all day and the more I see his little bottom waddle off with the whale the more I want to invest in a selection of prints.


I love putting Tails in leggings, I know some don’t like them on boys whilst others love them. What are your thoughts, would you put both boys and girls in these awesome leggings?

Overall I love the quality of their products and how they were created by another mum, they also look different to your generic high street baby wear. I like outfits that are unique without lacking in comfort and style, this ticks all the boxes.

You can see the full range of prints available at www.bladeandrose.co.uk – I think Rockets will be next on our list, they’re so cute I can’t resist – Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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