What's in Taylor's Easter Basket

Last year Taylor was too young to enjoy the chocolate eggs associated with Easter. Although Chocolate isn’t something we generally give to him, this year he will be able to enjoy some traditional Easter treats.

The Easter basket I created last year contained a few items Taylor needed and would use, this years is a little bit more fun. He is, dare say it, a toddler? I’m in denial but It’s happening, he’s growing up.

Having his Birthday on January 1st means Taylor has a long wait after both Christmas and his Birthday to receive treats. I’ve taken this as an opportunity to get him a few grown up items such as a big boy dinner set and his first crayons.


Chocolate –

Whilst it’s not a necessity, Taylor can enjoy chocolate this year. He rarely has anything like this so it may last him a while, unless mummy and daddy help 😉

He has Lindt milk chocolate lambs, a Milkybar egg and some marsh mallows shaped like chicks.


My First Crayons –

I thought these would be a fun one for us to play with and let him create his first masterpiece. You never know he could be the next Picasso! As long as he doesn’t decide to make his mark on Grandmas walls, I’m sure these will be a big hit.


Book : The Fox and The Star –

Before Taylor was born I bought him the Puffin Cloth bound Classics. Illustrated by my favourite designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith. I’ve wanted this book for a while now, it’s absolutely stunning inside and I’m sure Taylor will love it.


Outfit from Tu at Sainsburys –

This outfit caught my eye and with 25% off all clothing I couldn’t resist! It screams Prince George with it’s Peterpan collar and will look adorable with sandals in the summer.


Cath Kids Dinner Set –

Since Taylor has started to use the Tripp Trapp high chair he has become more independent at meal times. I chose this cute range of table wear from Cath Kidston to encourage him to enjoy meal times more and feed himself.


I’ve also got a ridiculously cute and really rather silly outfit for Taylor to wear on Easter Sunday, we’re headed out to take part in a little Easter Egg hunt in the park and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to dress him up for the occasion! I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and share the days events.

What will you be doing this Easter weekend?

  • Kellie Kearney

    Love absolutely everything you’ve put in there. the book looks fab, I’d love a goo, review even? As for the outfit, your killing me here!!!

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      We’ll probably review the book, it’s gorgeous inside.
      Everyone knows its for me really! 😛 Xx

  • Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    Oh I love it all! I need to get to Sainsburys to get the romper! We let Finn loose with crayons recently and it didn’t go too bad, although we are still in an ‘everything in the mouth’ phase. I have got Finn a little dairy free egg this year which will be his first taste of chocolate!

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      It’s really cute and a bargain think its £12 full price but they current;y have 25% off. Aw, I hope he enjoys it! Taylor has the odd milky button, he never tasted cake until hist 1st birthday, it makes it more special waiting for an occasion I think. Xx

  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    Lovely selection – that outfit is so adorable. Happy Easter x

  • Oh I love that little outfit and the dinner set, really really gorgeous! We have those Lindt choc bunnies too, we’ll be spending Easter eating them! X

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    Those little pom pom bunnies are too cute and I LOVE that adorable basket! H x

  • Happy Easter!! This basket is fantastic and full of different bits. Love it

  • Tori Gabriel

    I love the little dinner set. I don’t do a lot for Easter. It’s just a normal day but with eggs and hot cross buns.

  • Kizzy

    Wow what a great basket, I love the cover of that book, so pretty. Hope he liked it

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