What Taylor Wore - Featuring Bobux Baby Shoes

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As I forced a t-shirt over Taylor’s head trying not to squish his precious little nugget this morning I realised it might not be his massive bonce that’s the problem but the t-shirt. He’d been growing, AGAIN. You put them to bed one size and they wake up both longer and wider than the previous day.

This week Taylor wore an adorable long sleeved t-shirt adorned in raccoons from boots mini club in size 6-9 months, his trusty NEXT jeans, in  size 3-6 months and his adorable Bobux soft sole shoes in size S, my child is officially better dressed than I am.


As Taylor continues to develop at the speed of light he’s started to find his feet, and I don’t mean in the cute 3 month old stick your toes in  your mouth kind of way, no, he’s on them and he’s moving! Taylor can’t walk independently yet but he can pull himself up grab his walker and disappear before you have had chance to blink. If he continues it won’t be long before he is walking!


As he’s always crawling and climbing we’ve been using these adorable Bobux soft sole shoes so he can get used to the feeling of having something on his feet.

I particularly love these shoes as they’re made from soft, natural leather that breathes and moulds to a child’s foot and best of all as they’re elasticated around the ankle, they stay on! We can’t get a sock to stay on his foot, even with gizmo’s bought specifically for that purpose, so finding a soft sole shoe that stay’s on is just shy of a miracle.


It’s advised that you keep children’s feet bare as much as possible and allow them the freedom to feel everything with their feet. You should also make sure anything you do put on their feet isn’t going to harm the development of the foot. Going barefoot is an absolute necessity for children for exploring the world inside and out!


If you know me then you’ll know I love anything with a fox on, Taylor has some lovely fox themed items and these shoes are certainly one of my favourites in his collection.

You can purchase the soft sole shoes at www.bobux.co.uk for £20, they also have great information and advise on how to care for little feet, when to introduce shoes and which shoes best suit your baby’s needs


Overall I love this outfit, the cute little leather shoesies combined with the raccoon print and skinny jeans looked great together, although it also made Taylor look really grown up. I’m not sure I like that. Some days I just like to keep him in a baby grow and have to remind myself he is still a baby. Jeans always make him look much older.

Which part of this weeks outfit do you like the most? I’m definitely going with the shoes. Foxes… Need I say more?

  • I love the shoes too! I used to buy the same ones for my kiddies when they were small. There’s a nice grip on them but they are soft enough to allow their foot to grow 🙂 x

  • How cute are those shoes, so cute and so adorable. Loving his entire outfit

  • Tanita Taylor

    I love his shoes. In fact his whole outfit is so very cute! Bless him. He is so sweet. and so little. My two are so big now. Archie is two next week and I cant quite believe it. Lovely photos. And the Bobux baby shoes look fantastic. I must head over and have a look at the range. x

  • I love his shoes too, they are so cute! I know what you mean re: putting him to bed and he grows overnight:( I just want to use a remote control and pause my boys who also seem to be growing at an alarming rate:(

  • I love this outfit, it is so my style as I love anything with foxes on. Any woodland creatures in fact! We love Bobux shoes as well.

  • Very nature oriented outfit. N didn’t have shoes until he’d been walking a few weeks and wanting to go outside. but barefoot shoes are great.

  • Janine

    Yes yes I love the shoes and I am going to have to go onto their website now and purchase a pair for my little lady. It’s starting to get cold outside and she needs something else on her feet other than just socks. She’ll be 10 months soon but she’s not near standing, walking or crawling.

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Taylor is just absolutely adorable, never mind what he is wearing, that smile just melted me completely x

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