What Taylor Wore – With Blade & Rose

This week Taylor and I have been staying indoors during our free time as quite frankly it’s been chuffing freezing outside. We had 8 inches of snow last week. It’s been a bit chilly. We’ve spent our time playing with blocks, watching movies and reading books, it’s been great. Sometimes it’s nice to just stay […]

What Taylor Wore – The Christmas Eve Edition, with Mamas & Papas

As we prepared for Taylor’s 1st Christmas, obviously a very big deal, I went on a mission to find a ‘First Christmas’ sleepsuit. Very few places I found did these in sizes big enough. I don’t think everyone realises that not all babies having their first Christmas are newborns. Taylor was born on the 1st of January so […]


Baby’s Big Day Out – With George at ASDA

Although England, namely Manchester, is known for the ridiculous amount of wet weather I didn’t anticipate two weeks of non-stop rain over the festive period, a broken boiler and a very much un-planned house move. Where was the snow? The lovely boxing day walks around the park? When ASDA asked us to take part in Baby’s […]


What Taylor Wore – Featuring Bobux Baby Shoes

As I forced a t-shirt over Taylor’s head trying not to squish his precious little nugget this morning I realised it might not be his massive bonce that’s the problem but the t-shirt. He’d been growing, AGAIN. You put them to bed one size and they wake up both longer and wider than the previous day. […]

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