What to watch on Netflix this year!

Aside from the sheer excitement of House of Cards returning to Netflix last night there is a whole world of fantastic shows that you should be watching. Here are some of our favourites that you can go ahead and watch now, right now. And a few things that are coming this year that you won’t […]

5 ways to stay active with the kids this summer

The temperature is rising and school holidays are on the horizon it’s time get outside! Instead of the usual walk to the park this summer whilst the kids skate or scoot why not get in on the fun? Here are 5 ways you can get in on the action this summer. Don’t let the kids have […]

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All new Kazoops

If you live with little ones of the cbeebies watching variety you may have already come across Kazoops. Starting this bank holiday Monday Kazoops is back with all new episodes. And we’re really rather excited Monty Kazoops, is the little boy with a vivid imagination and a loyal pet pig, is back with brand new […]

Does Netflix tickle your factual fancy?

As a nation of entertainment lovers it’s likely you’ll have heard of Netflix. If not, where have you been? Having already made it’s way into homes nation wide Netflix have analysed member viewing in the UK from October 2016 to March 2017. The findings reveal which regions are more inclined to watch a specific genre compared to others. Revealing how […]

Mothers Day Gifts for the Modern Mama!

As Mothers Day creeps up on us I’ve put together a gift list of items mums actually want! If you’re a bit of an insta-mum like myself you’re going to love these. Of course we all want chocolate, but we also love thoughtful, meaningful gifts that will last. Make an impression this mothers day and help […]

Ideas for a monochrome toddler bedroom

Since buying our house I’ve been pinning and planning Taylor’s toddler bedroom. Granted this was before all our plans changed and I went from full time work to picking banana up off of the floor. Their are so many things I want to do with it! His current furniture is a dark walnut wood, which looking back I […]

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