5 ways to stay active with the kids this summer

The temperature is rising and school holidays are on the horizon it’s time get outside! Instead of the usual walk to the park this summer whilst the kids skate or scoot why not get in on the fun?

Here are 5 ways you can get in on the action this summer. Don’t let the kids have all of the fun!

1. Micro Scooters Scooters aren’t just for kids anymore, Micro Scooters also cater to adults. You might not be going off of the half pipe in the local park but you can certainly have fun scooting with your little ones. I can see myself scooting to the local shop, can’t you? I’m pretty sure Natasha Bailie of The Milk Stand has one, she’s pretty cool.

2. Heelys – The timeless classic that is the shoe with wheels in the heel, did you know they come in adult sizes too at Skate Hut? If you’ve ever been curious about those kids wheeling their way around the supermarket it’s time you donned a pair for yourself and showed them who’s boss.

3. Bikes – Cycling is a great way for families to stay active together. Whether the children have their own bikes or a seat on yours, it’s a great way to get outside this summer. Just be sure you know the rules of the road before heading out. I LOVE the Orla Kiely bicycles at Halfords.

4. Trampolines – Much to my dismay the man says we cannot get a trampoline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Imagine busting some moves in the garden this summer and showing the kids how fun you really are! If you get one, don’t tell me. I’ll be too jealous. You could sip cocktails on it in the evenings. I bet they’re fab to sunbath on too.

5. Football – Little Fox loves to kick a ball around the house or garden. or “Play balls” as he would say. It’s a simple activity that keeps up busy and tires him out. Win-win.

Are you a scooting parent or Heely hipster? We would love you to share your favourite summer activities with us in the comments below.



  • Emma Lander

    I looked at bikes this morning. Not sure the world is ready for that he he

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