Mothers Day Gifts for the Modern Mama!

As Mothers Day creeps up on us I’ve put together a gift list of items mums actually want! If you’re a bit of an insta-mum like myself you’re going to love these. Of course we all want chocolate, but we also love thoughtful, meaningful gifts that will last. Make an impression this mothers day and help your little people by spoiling the woman in your life!

It’s the least you can do for the lady of the house.

1. The New Mums Notebook – £25 at

A fantastic new mum journal for those first 12 months. Whether this is your 1st baby or your 5th, this book is filled with mummy mantras and positivity to keep you going!  – All orders for mothers day come complete with a mothers day card! –

2. Baylis & Harding Gift Sets – at Amazon

For that pampering session every mum deserveS give her Baylis & Harding. From their range of beautiful gift sets to heaven scent candles they’re the perfect way to unwind.

3. Boobbix Lactation Cookies £9 and Mama Gear £10-£35 – At Boobbix

For the breastfeeding mamas out there it has to be Boobbix. Delicious lactation cookies that taste great and help boost supply! They also have  a fantastic range of apparel. My favourite being  the sweaters ‘food not rude’ for nursing mamas and ‘Mum life’ for everyone and 25% of profits going to charity! As Mama to a boob addict toddler I absolutely adore this brand and their ethics. – Use code “mum10” for a 10% discount!

4.  Happy Mum Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher – £8.49 at Amazon

A superb read for new and existing mums. Filled with laughter and tears I’ve found this book to be the perfect night feed read. Having gone from supporting Gi’s journey into womens fiction 4 years ago I couldn’t wait to get my mitts on this. A raw and uncut look into motherhood.

5. Leopard print tote bag – £26.00 at Scamp & Dude 

Tote bags are a must for me as a mum, especially since carrier bag charges came into place. Nobody like to get caught out without a bag. This beautiful leopard print tote from Scamp and Dude is perfect for modern insta-mums!

6. Lost My name Silly snap –  £16.99 at  Lost My Name

A great way to share the mothers day fun. A personalised game of snap featuring your children on the cards. We’ll be writing a detailed review about this one but so far Little Fox and I have loved playing this game together, it’s a fun way to spend time with your little one.

7.  Oral B Genius 9000 Toothbrush –  £1 40 at Boots

A Rose Gold tooth brush? What more could you want The Oral B 9000 will also take care of teeth and look after her smile for years to come. This highly advanced brush features a dentist-inspired round head that surrounds and cups each tooth with dynamic oscillating, rotating and pulsating movements to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. It also features a pressure sensor to promote healthy gums.



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