Toddler Christmas and Birthday Gift Guide for Two Year Olds

It’s almost Christmas! – Here are some of top ideas for tots this Christmas. These are items we love and have chosen for our little boy this year. Some he will receive for Christmas, others will be for his 2nd birthday which is one week after Christmas.

Hopefully some of the items will help you when it comes to finding the perfect gift for 2 year olds. Whether it be for Christmas or a Birthday.

1. Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse £249.99

This is a big one, but it’s also one that will last for years. I always wanted a little tikes playhouse growing up. I remember the girl next door having one. It was pink with little green shutters on the windows. Having seen Little Tikes houses and spent every evening on our visit to Butlins playing in them we knew Taylor would love his very own.

I think 2 is the perfect for it as he’s started to love role play at nursery. Giving it at a younger age also means you’ll get more time out of it.  The Go Green Playhouse promotes little ones to think of the environment, recyle, grow your own plants and use solar energy. It really is impressive for a playhouse. I hope Taylor is going to love it as much as we do!

2. SmartMax Build XXL £74.99

SmartMax are really fun magnetic building toys, we recently reviewed a box and loved it so much I knew we would need to ask Santa Clause for some more!

SmartMax is the perfect present for toddlers, and I usually struggle for gift ideas! An award-winning magnetic construction system which allows children of all ages the chance to be creative. Smartmax can improve hand-eye coordination, teach logical thinking, colour recognition, form recognition in 2D & 3D, counting, sharing, and creativity. That’s a LOT for one toy.

3. Playmobil 1.2.3 Noahs Ark £13.99

We haven’t had any Playmobil before but Taylor loves his ‘peoples’ he carries around a bucket with a mish-mash of plastic play people from various places and loves role-play since starting nursery. I thought Playmobil looks like a e great introduction to play sets withe people and is safe for his age. We’ve also gone for the Playmobil Suburban house which looks like fun.

4. Brio Kitchen Combo we paid £49.99

I found the Kitchen Combo at a reduced price in T.K.Maxx, as Taylor currently loves role play I thought a kitchen would be a great gift for 2. Many play kitchens are unisex in their overall look and feel when compared to how pink they were when I was a child. Taylor will be receiving this for his 2nd Birthday on New Years Day and I think he’s going to love it.

5. Smartrike T3 Scooter £69.99

The Smartrike T3 is a 3 wheel scooter for Toddlers. Taylor has been testing this out and thinks it’s great. Having used one of their trikes from being 10 months old we trust the brand and quality, it’s sturdy and perfect for learning as a first scooter.

6. B.Toys Toulous-Laptrec £24.99

The B toys Laptrec is a magnetic drawing tray, it’s chunkier than most and great for a 2 year old. The bottom is also padded like a cushion. This has been played with non-stop since it arrived in our house and would make a great gift.

7. Little Tikes Big Car Carrier £29.99

After a week of playing with these at Butlins T was trilled to be sent his very own set. They’re great for playing indoors and outdoors. The truck itself is bigger than you might expect. Taylor has been sitting on it and riding it, he also lyes down across the top and likes to be pushed (gently) across the room on it.  Endless fun, 2 year olds and cars are always a winner.

8. Magformers My First Buggy Car Set  £19.99

Magformers are another magnetic building toy. The ‘My First’ line is perfect as an introduction to Magformers and they can be used to create all sorts. This set builds one blue buggy car and combines two of T’s favourite things, building and cars. I can’t wait to build his with him!

9. Postman Pat World of Pat Set £19.99


Postman Pat is a huge hit in our house right now and this set was a last minute find in Argos. It turned out to be smaller than the previous pat vehicles we already had but they’re still a good size for a 2 year old. The figures are on the smaller side though so we have taken Jess away until he is older and only have them out when supervised! Overall it’s a cute set for any Pat lover and great value.

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