What Taylor Wore | Ft the Natural History Museum and Zara

Clothes are something I’ll always love choosing for Taylor. Endless amounts of cute. From pretty patterns to cute characters he certainly has a better wardrobe than I.

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This weeks outfit is a favourite of mine. Zara skinny jeans paired with a personalised Sgnt Smith tshirt.

When Taylor was 6 months old he was sent this beautiful tshirt from The Natural History Museum. It’s been almost one year and it’s finally fits him! Seriously… He’s always been a dinky dot!

This isn’t any old tshirt thought, it’s personalised just for him.


‘Taylorsaurusrex – Discovered in 2015’ How blooming cool is that?! It just so happens that now he’s older he can appreciate it more too as he is rather fond of dinosaurs lately.

Watching Dinosaur movies in your Dinosaur tshirt though is obviously the best!


From 0 – 18 months these tshirts come in a range of colours and prints, they also do rompers which look cute. The entire range is made of a 100% soft cotton and features those fab ovrlaps on the shoulder that parents love. It’s comfortable to play in and looks adorable.

You can purchase your own personalised tshirt or romper at the NHM Shop for £20. You could get one as lovely gift for somebody, or just treat yourself. Because you know your little one is going to look awesome in this right?


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