The Consultant says… A 36 Week Pregnancy Update

A Romaine Lettuce. That’s approximately the size our little bundle of a baby should be right about now. But at 36 weeks the baby is still measuring small. Below the 10th centile and not progressing as the doctors would like. She’s still got little to no fluid to dance in and is officially set to be […]

Ready or not, here I come – A 34 week pregnancy update

A cantaloupe melon. That’s approximately the size our little bundle of a baby should be right about now. At 34 weeks the baby is a fully fledged baby human whose simply piling on the fat ready for the big day. Listening in on all our conversations, dancing and waving from within the womb. But our baby is […]

Why our NHS is worth the wait!

Trying to stay calm. As the blue flashing lights pulled up outside and the paramedics came in to tend to our baby. What would we have done without them? Nobody else was home, nobody who could drive anyway. What if they hadn’t sent an ambulance or they didn’t get here so fast. What if he’d had a […]

A Potty Training Update with Huggies® Pull-Ups®

It’s time for a potty training update!  Since we announced we were taking on the challenge to potty train Little Fox, I know it won’t have been at the forefront of your mind – but it certainly has been for me. I can’t avoid the toddler with a poo down his trouser leg at 6am. […]

The perils of pregnancy and the inability to sleep! ft Pregnancy Pillows

It’s happening. If you’ve been pregnant before you’ll know what I’m talking about. That transition your body starts to make during the final months of pregnancy to prepare you for what’s to come. Sleep. And the inability to get any. Waking throughout the night to go to the loo, only to find you didn’t need it. Shaking off those restless […]

A nice-to-have newborn baby wishlist

Although I’m not new to this, having a baby is still a pretty big deal. And for many of you, it may be your first time. You’ll be bombarded with what you do and don’t need. So taking that into consideration and honing in on my experience of having had one child already I’ve been […]

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