A Potty Training Update with Huggies® Pull-Ups®

It’s time for a potty training update!  Since we announced we were taking on the challenge to potty train Little Fox, I know it won’t have been at the forefront of your mind – but it certainly has been for me.

I can’t avoid the toddler with a poo down his trouser leg at 6am. Thankfully, unless you’re also embarking on this journey, you can!

It’s been almost two months now, so how have we got on?

We did take a small break from potty training whilst away on holiday. Despite this, Taylor openly chose to use the toilet in the hotel anyway.

Upon returning from our holiday, I found he took to it far better than he had before, demonstrating the progress we had already made by using HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®. Thanks to HUGGIES® 6 Steps to Potty Success®, we had lots of useful tips that have really helped us as we resumed our potty training journey.

Initially, we were having more accidents than I had anticipated. Whilst Little Fox has been happy to go out of the house in his Huggies® Pull-Ups,® he still needs prompting to visit the loo. The unique learning layer in the day- time Huggies® Pull-Ups® briefly mimics wetness when he has an accident so we know he’s learning while we’re out and about but we don’t have to worry about any mess. As well as this, the wetness indicator fades when wet, visually signalling wet from dry allowing Taylor to see when he’s had an accident.

As he is going to become a big brother in January, I’m hoping we’ll have 100% cracked it long before then!

If we’re at home, he’d rather wear nothing and has mastered using the potty throughout the day. Now we just need him to remember when he needs to go whilst out and about! However, as child psychologist Dr Heather Wittenberg explains, using HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® on journeys ensures your little one is protected from accidents, but are still learning and feeling independent. We’ve been making great progress and hope to continue this over the coming weeks.

As HUGGIES® Potty Training ambassadors, we’ll be sharing our potty training journey with you as we use the 6 Steps to Potty Training Success®. Come back soon to see how we’re doing on our journey and see how we’re teaching Little Fox to use the potty!

For more tips on how you can start your potty training journey, click the link to visit the Potty Training website!

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