The Consultant says... A 36 Week Pregnancy Update

A Romaine Lettuce. That’s approximately the size our little bundle of a baby should be right about now. But at 36 weeks the baby is still measuring small. Below the 10th centile and not progressing as the doctors would like. She’s still got little to no fluid to dance in and is officially set to be making an early appearance!

Thursday saw us reach the 36-week mark and the consultant has now written a plan. A plan in which our baby is here within the next week…

As the end of this pregnancy draws closer It’s suddenly starting to feel real… Not that I haven’t spent the last 8 months being pregnant. But it hasn’t been all-consuming like it was with Little Fox. And you can’t get more real than being told baby is actually coming.

Baby is still breech at this point so we decided attempting an ECV for a vaginal birth would be my best option. Otherwise, we’re looking at a cesarean section. Which as I said in our last update, I would like to avoid. I’ve never had surgery in my life and recovering from one with a toddler won’t be easy.

My weekly appointments take place at our local village hospital. It has the facilities for an ultrasound but no long stay maternity ward. Anything further generally takes place at a larger hospital nearby.

During this weeks check the consultant spoke to 3 people at the main hospital about giving me an ECV at 36+4  to turn our baby. But found they most likely won’t do this on a small baby. The hospital called back the next day to make arrangements and I have been left in limbo since.

The weekend was met with 2 rounds of steroid injections, which I was nervous about. I made the mistake of googling, but I needn’t have worried. It was like any other injection, it stung for a moment. But that was all. Phew!

I’ve been booked in for a scan on Wednesday morning (tomorrow!) at the main hospital which will then determine if I get an ECV or not. This will then decide if we get an induction or a cesarean.

I’ve had people telling me an ECV is extremely painful, that they’re only successful 40% of the time and that they won’t even attempt it on me with low fluid. So I guess tomorrow shall reveal all.

My consultant wanted this doing on Monday, but nobody was available. So is it likely we’ll have our baby and be home all before Christmas? Or will it be after Christmas? I just don’t know. Place your bets now!

What I do know is the Snuzpod is finally built, the pram has arrived and we’re almost prepared!

It doesn’t sound so bad if I  forget we’re hosting Christmas dinner for 10 people. I haven’t wrapped a single thing and Little Fox turns 3 the week after…  No, not bad at all.

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