The perils of pregnancy and the inability to sleep! ft Pregnancy Pillows

It’s happening. If you’ve been pregnant before you’ll know what I’m talking about. That transition your body starts to make during the final months of pregnancy to prepare you for what’s to come. Sleep. And the inability to get any.

Waking throughout the night to go to the loo, only to find you didn’t need it. Shaking off those restless legs and just generally being wide awake. Against your will. I’ve told myself these hours could be productive ones. Countless times I’ve taken my laptop to bed in anticipation of using it at 2am. But when 2am rolls around I find myself scrolling aimlessly through social media and wishing I were asleep. Which I then, of course, regret the next day. But doing something productive in the early hours feels like I’m accepting that I won’t be sleeping anytime soon. And I’m in denial. I’d rather cuddle into my pregnancy pillow for as long as possible and pray for sleep.

I have this amazing pregnancy pillow which without I probably wouldn’t sleep at all. In order to get comfortable enough to sleep, I need to be able to keep my knees apart, whilst being on my side and supporting my bump simultaneously. Which seemed impossible until I realised this is what L shaped maternity pillows were for.

Thanks to the little sleep I do get is comfortable! I may have become slightly attached to it though. Think Jennifer Lopez in The Back-Up Plan. She loved that pillow! And now I know why.

It’s like cuddling into a soft fluffy cloud. My pillow is an L shape pregnancy pillow which I was kindly sent to try. Unlike most I’ve seen, it’s really firm and provides ample support. Made from a baby soft outer and stuffed with Sensifil™ Filling an Anti-Allergenic, Anti-Asthmatic material it’s the most comfortable pillow I’ve had. Starting from £25 I’m really impressed with the quality.

I’m not sure I’ll be willing to give it up once the little one arrives! You’d have to fight me for it. It does take up ample space in the bed though and I fear the other half is probably hanging off the bed.

Little Fox can often be found lounging in it with his books and always looks ridiculously cosy too. I didn’t mind the lack of sleep so much when I was pregnant with him. I had evenings and weekends to relax and sleep to my heart’s content. But it’s different when you have a toddler to keep up with. I need my sleep!

There are no naps with him and with low blood pressure, I’ve found myself blacking out frequently throughout the day.  Relaxing with a 2-year-old is impossible. Although I didn’t have a magical pillow when pregnant with him. If only a pillow could get him to sleep too!

I’m yet to try any special lotions or sprays to help me sleep but maybe I should start looking at more ways to relax and wind down once he’s in bed?

You can get your own maternity pillow starting from only £25 at, they also have a great range of nursing pillows which I used with Little Fox.

What’s your ultimate must-have for getting some much-needed sleep whilst pregnant? I’d be willing to try anything, within reason of course!


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