Ready or not, here I come - A 34 week pregnancy update

A cantaloupe melon. That’s approximately the size our little bundle of a baby should be right about now. At 34 weeks the baby is a fully fledged baby human whose simply piling on the fat ready for the big day. Listening in on all our conversations, dancing and waving from within the womb.

But our baby is measuring small. She’s a few weeks behind what she should be. She’s got little to no fluid to dance in and is set to be making an early appearance!

My pregnancy with little fox was so straightforward and so textbook that this has felt rather surreal. We had two standard scans with him, one at 12 weeks and another at 20 weeks. I went into spontaneous labour on his EDD and the rest is history.

So far in my 34 weeks of pregnancy with his little fox cub sibling, I’ve had 11 scans. A constant reduction in fluid around the baby and felt far less pregnant than I ever did with him.

After a two week break from scans and feeling like I’ve suddenly ballooned to the size of a house. I was expecting this weeks scan to be positive. To find good growth and maybe an increase in fluid. To hear that baby is finally head down and we’re going to ride this out the natural way.

Instead, baby’s growth has dropped further below the 10th centile. Fluid is becoming less, which naturally occurs the closer to full term you get. And baby is still breech. The consultant has booked another scan and literally told me to make childcare plans for little fox and pack my bags. Yikes!

With that being said. What we were expecting to be another new year baby could well be here before Christmas. And It’s looking more likely with each passing week.

Our journey home involved a detour via boots to stock up on lanolin, travel size shampoo, lip balm and various other hospital essentials. Can you tell I’m not ready?

I’m hoping nothing happens before our 36-week scan. Nothing aside from baby finding the gusto to flip themselves around allowing us a natural birth. Having never had surgery in my life the thought of a c section actually terrifies me. The idea of a longer recovery and being away from Little Fox, who has never spent a night away from me, doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

The baby’s room looks like an explosion has gone off. The Snuzpod hasn’t been sniffed at in two and a half years and nothing, aside from a few sleepsuits, is ready!

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