Baskets, Cribs & Co-Sleepers – Where Will My Baby Sleep?

Where will my baby sleep?! – We recently took a trip to all of the local known brand baby stores to look at the products we’ve spent the last five months looking at in a misty haze online, specifically bedside sleeping for those first 6 months.

Pregnancy Update: From Test to 12 Weeks+

On the 28th April we took a test to find I was already 2-3 weeks pregnant and that’s when our three month secret began, we didn’t tell anyone. Not a soul. We wanted to wait until the 12 week scan to make sure things we’re going okay before we shared our news, from scare stories to close family members having had experiences with miscarriage I didn’t want to risk anything. Which of course means I spent three months being completely paranoid and worried constantly.


Pregnancy Announcement: I’m Going to Be a What?…

Those of you who know me or follow via social media will have more than likely heard the big news already – We’re having a baby! That’s right I’m going to be a MOTHER!

I think we managed to surprise everyone with our news as nobody knew we had planned to start our own little family, and yes it was planned. Oh my, you would be amazed by how many people have asked that question by now but we are so excited!

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