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When the lovely people at Immediate Media asked if I would like to attend a pamper evening for pregnant ladies and take part in their Bepanthen blogger campaign, why of course I said yes!

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Immediate run the likes of Made for mums, Baby Expert, Junior, Think baby and many many more, the list is literally endless. Once i had all of the details and booked a last-minute afternoon off work I took myself and my tiny bump down to London for the evening. My second solo London trip since that Opera-tastic book launch I attended, I must say I’m super impressed with my navigation skills considering I took the overground twice in order to reach my destination and all went smoothly. Seriously, go me!

Overall the event was brilliant, of course I was initially a nervous-wreck inside.I was going to spend my evening with 9 other pregnant ladies I’d never met and discuss all things pregnancy with them, while approximately 15 other people watch along with a camera-crew. Whats their to be worried about, I’m not camera shy, am I?! Maybe just a little…

I was greeted by the loveliest people from Immediate. I had some lovely non-alcoholic cocktails, tiny burgers and yummy cupcakes with the other ladies before we got to business. (I wish I had taken pictures of them but I was far too busy eating, ooops!)

The initial group chat which was filmed was fine as we had spent some time getting to know one another prior and just relaxed into conversation, brilliant. The most nerve-wracking part for myself was the solo videos, which you can see on my Bepanthen blogger profile. Answering questions on the spot while being film is pretty damn hard. Once filming was out of the way we had the opportunity to indulge in massage and manicures, sadly this lady had to hop back on the overground and make her way back to the north of England ready for work the next day. From what I heard the other ladies loved the pampering side of the evening, I may have been a teeny bit jealous. Sob sob sob.

Enjoying my copy of Prima Baby & Pregnancy which came in my goody bag from the evening, along with a very coincidental can of Diet Coke!-

While at the event I felt it all went well, its not until I actually saw my video live on the site that I maybe died a little inside. I know most people dislike the sound of themselves on film but wow, I really didn’t like it. This is why I’ll never be a Vlogger, although i’d love to waffle on about everything and anything to you via youtube I probably couldn’t bare to look at or listen to myself. I am however getting used to it. Slowly.

The blogging itself is fantastic and I am loving sharing my monthly bump updates for my Bepanthen blog as well as smothering myself in their luxurious stretch-mark cream every morning and night. It just feels and smells so nice.

-Excited to begin our journey with Bepanthen and @madeformums #Bepanthen #Blogger #Pregnant-

You can see my blog along with the other nine lovely ladies here or by clicking various (non-instagram) images in this post.

Make sure you keep watch as new blogs are added monthly, some of the ladies are due to pop any day now while some have a long-way to go so their is somebody to follow for each stage of pregnancy. From how we are caring for our bumps, bonding, body image and to how we are feeling in overall. I’m finding the blogs to be really useful myself and you may too.

  • Oh what a fab opportunity!! I bet its nowhere near as bad as you think!! x x

    • LeeLeeLoves

      Haha it might have been! Really glad I went though, its been fun 🙂 Xx

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