Pregnancy Update: From Test to 12 Weeks+


On the 28th April we took a test to find I was already 2-3 weeks pregnant and that’s when our three month secret began, we didn’t tell anyone. Not a soul.

We wanted to wait until the 12 week scan to make sure things we’re going okay before we shared our news, from scare stories to close family members having had experiences with miscarriage I didn’t want to risk anything. Which of course means I spent three months being completely paranoid and worried constantly.

I was so nervous prior to the scan that I spent the morning hidden in the loos at work, being sick! I hadn’t had any morning sickness until this point so it was definitely due to nerves.

The scan went well and off we went to tell the grandparents-to-be! I wanted a fun way to tell our families, we prepared a gift ready to share the news in the form of a babygrow with ‘ I Love Grandma’ or ‘ I Love Grandad’ written on them, their reactions were brilliant and everyone was as happy as we had hoped.


Once the cat was out of the bag it all started to feel more real, although I still took another 7 tests to keep telling me it actually was happening! If that wasn’t enough to make it feel real the following six weeks of morning all day sickness and nausea was. The only food that appealed to me for weeks was cheese pizza, I’m pretty sure if Dominos had a loyalty scheme we would have done well from it. The man was amazing and ordered the pizza in order to make me eat. He’s been very helpful throughout so far and thankfully all sickness has now subsided. We’re still really excited, I must say I  was surprised by how fast it happened for us. Is it January yet?

12 week scan
  • Ah congratulations to you! And welcome to blog bump club! x x

  • Aww congratulations! Lovely way to share your news! I’m always dead impressed when people manage to keep it secret… Though I am just rubbish at keeping any secrets!! Xx #blogbumpclub

    • LeeLee

      I am AMAZED we didn’t cave and tell everyone haha 🙂 Xx

  • Aww congratulations. Such An exciting time. Love how you told the grandparents 🙂 x

    • LeeLee

      Thank you! It’s very exciting 🙂 Xx

  • Congratulations! I found the first trimester the hardest this time and when I was pregnant with my daughter four years ago. The nausea/sickness/exhaustion coupled with the fact you can’t tell people why you’re not running at full speed…. ugh! All worth it in the end though. Lovely to see a new face linking up to #BlogBumpClub.

    • LeeLee

      I was amazed when I told people at work and not one person had suspected it, I thought I was a dead giveaway. Aside from having no bump I went to loo far too much for a normal person & was on soft drinks at pub lunches. How I pulled it off we’ll never know! It’s going very fast already. We’re 24 weeks now, better get that next blog posted. 😉 Xx

  • I am so excited to see that you are sharing the progress on your blog now. The scan of baby Clarence is too cute! He/She looks so chilled and comfy in there. I am glad to hear your nausea has subsided, although I didn’t experience that my sister is also pregnant and she has been having it quite bad with the ‘all day sickness’. I love how you announced the news to the grandparents, their reactions must have been priceless! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy (I know you already are :-)), the nine months do pass before you know it. PXX

    • LeeLee

      Not long for you now! Its all very exciting, have you seen the Bepanthen posts? Xx

  • Aww congratulations 🙂 What a great way to tell the grandparents to be 😀

  • Aw congratulations! And well done keeping it a secret for so long! I planned to do the same but ended up telling my mum in week 5. Couldn’t keep a secret at all haha. Karen x

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