Pregnancy Update: Week 27 - The Third Trimester

Wow week 27 already, the THIRD trimester, to think I’ve been carrying this tiny miracle since April is amazing. This week my bump has grown even more (I imagine this is going to be a weekly occurrence? haha) I actually look pregnant now and people aren’t holding back on telling me, but it feels good!


This week Baby C is as big as a bunch of Bananas according to one app and as heavy as a head of Cauliflower according to another. He’s gradually getting bigger and starting to put on fat now he is a fully fledged tiny human, I feel like I’ve been eating more but I haven’t gained any weight myself.


The weekend saw us take a day trip to the Baby and Toddler show where we spent a small fortune on all of the bits and bobs we have been waiting to buy for the nursery, it was worth waiting as we got an extra 20% off the range we wanted and picked up a few of the other items off our list. You can read more about that in my post about the show next week.


We had a small scare this week when I stopped feeling any movement. Although I have an anterior placenta I have had a pattern of movement that I have felt daily, after waiting around 35 hours I decided to call the Community Midwives numbers 58 times, literally 58, I ended up calling 111 and a lady put me through to the hospital. So yesterday saw us heading off to hospital to get checked out, they strapped me up to a machine which I now believe is a CGT (Thanks to my sister for telling me that one) We were told that next time we shouldn’t leave it so long! Everything turned out to be fine though and a strong heartbeat and movements were found, thank goodness. Lets just say I had an amazing relaxed sleep after spending the week worrying.
Lets see what next week brings!

  • He he I love the fruit analogies I’m 5 weeks behind you and it said mine was the length of a banana last week to think it grows into a whole bunch in 5 weeks no wonder you can tell. Lovely bump pics unfortunately my stomach does not look like that so my bump pics are firmly covered 😉 I can’t wait to follow your journey x

    • LeeLeeLoves

      I’m sure your bump looks fab! What fruit are you now? We’re a pineapple! Only 10 weeks left, this has gone fast.Xx

  • 58 times. Wow. You had more patience than me! Ring the hosptial direct next time – they won’t mind 😉 x

    • LeeLeeLoves

      Thank you, I think we will. The little wriggler hasn’t stopped since tho! It’s very odd being sat at work while your belly does flips. Xx

  • LeeLeeLoves

    I think 3 is a great number!

    Is it strange that I already want another when this one isn’t even here yet and its my first?! Xx

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