Review: Breastfeeding with Bibee

If you followed my pregnancy updates you’ll know how much I loved Bibee dresses and tunics, the versatile clothing that can take you from pregnancy through to breastfeeding making them value for money compared to clothing that only caters for one or the other.


Review: House of Fraser Childrenswear

As a first time mum I’ve found that my outlook on things such as shopping has completely changed, before I became pregnant I would treat myself on a monthly basis from my favourite department stores whether it be going to a makeup concession or my favourite brand of clothing, I would shop! Since being pregnant and becoming a mum I’ve had a few shopping trips and each time I have failed to buy anything for myself, not because I can’t buy for myself anymore but because I just don’t want anything! However I always find things for baby T.


Milestone: Taylor is 4 Weeks Old, and Finally Sleeping!

Today marks the day that Taylor is four weeks old, 29/01/15, on Sunday he’ll be one month old. It’s gone so fast I feel like I’ve blinked and almost a month of his life has passed us by. I’ve been taking every opportunity to simply hold him and have endless cuddles, he’s already grown and changed so much.


Review: The grohush Baby Calmer

The grohush baby calmer is a white noise generator from The Gro Company.

Designed specifically to calm your baby, the gro hush comes in a handy clear plastic case with a removable and washable cover, it has three noise settings all set to a baby safe volume. One to mimic mummys heartbeat, as babies are used to this sound from being in the womb, calming raindrops on a tin roof and whooshing ocean waves.


Review: The Calm Birth School

The Calm Birth School are helping mums achieve a positive birthing experience through a number of different techniques and I’ve taken on the task of giving it a go for myself!

Suzy & Hollie of TCBS are now offering an online tuition in hypnobirthing, you don’t even need to leave home to learn the techniques!

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Review: Styling the Bibee Tunic

Last month I shared with you my initial thoughts on Bibee maternity & nursing dresses, my favourite thing about these dresses and tunics is not only that they can be used both during and after pregnancy but how versatile they are. With Bibee you have the ability to transform one key piece into an endless array of different looks!

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