Days Out

Mum’s Night Off – We’re going to see Taylor Swift!

On Wednesday the 24th Phillip and I will be going to see Taylor Swift live at the MEN Arena, (no we didn’t name our son after Taylor Swift, or Taylor Hanson, or Taylor York… Although being a huge fan of T-Swift, Hanson, and Paramore (Throw in McFly and you have my dream festival line-up!) maybe my love of the name was a little subliminal? It’s a great name!) this will see me leaving Taylor for the longest time period to date, hopefully I’ll be too excited to worry too much, but of course I will worry.


The Making of Harry Potter

What can only be described as the most magical place on earth, and it isn’t Disney World! On Friday the 13th December I went to what can only be described as the most magical place on earth, and it wasn’t Disney World!

Every year I count down the weeks leading up to christmas and mark of every sunday in my pottercalendar 8 weeks prior as ‘HP’, all in preparation of pulling out the Harry Potter Wizards Collection and losing myself in the magical tale that I grew up loving. I may be 24 but the child in me is still lost in these stories.

McFly – My Not So Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has what is known as a guilty pleasure, usually something he or she really likes and enjoys but wants to keep a secret, maybe they’re embarrassed or ashamed by it? I love going to see boy band McFly live every year, and here’s why…

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