Days Out

Staying Safe on The Roads Whilst Driving This Winter

As temperatures drop and winter weather begins to kick in across the UK we’ve been looking at ways to stay safe whilst Driving. So far this winter has been mind, yet suddenly we’re finding ourselves having to leave the house earlier than usual in order to make time for scraping ice off of the wind […]

Mission Impossible: Date Night!

Recently The Man and I embarked on what can sometimes seem like Mission Impossible, Date Night! Seven months ago before we were parents going to see a film at the cinema was the norm, in fact we went every week, it was as natural as going to do the food shop. We’re film nerds. Now it’s like we’re getting ready for our own Mission Impossible…


Mum’s Night Off – We’re going to see Taylor Swift!

On Wednesday the 24th Phillip and I will be going to see Taylor Swift live at the MEN Arena, (no we didn’t name our son after Taylor Swift, or Taylor Hanson, or Taylor York… Although being a huge fan of T-Swift, Hanson, and Paramore (Throw in McFly and you have my dream festival line-up!) maybe my love of the name was a little subliminal? It’s a great name!) this will see me leaving Taylor for the longest time period to date, hopefully I’ll be too excited to worry too much, but of course I will worry.


The Making of Harry Potter

What can only be described as the most magical place on earth, and it isn’t Disney World! On Friday the 13th December I went to what can only be described as the most magical place on earth, and it wasn’t Disney World!

Every year I count down the weeks leading up to christmas and mark of every sunday in my pottercalendar 8 weeks prior as ‘HP’, all in preparation of pulling out the Harry Potter Wizards Collection and losing myself in the magical tale that I grew up loving. I may be 24 but the child in me is still lost in these stories.

McFly – My Not So Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has what is known as a guilty pleasure, usually something he or she really likes and enjoys but wants to keep a secret, maybe they’re embarrassed or ashamed by it? I love going to see boy band McFly live every year, and here’s why…

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