Staying Safe on The Roads Whilst Driving This Winter

As temperatures drop and winter weather begins to kick in across the UK we’ve been looking at ways to stay safe whilst Driving. So far this winter has been mind, yet suddenly we’re finding ourselves having to leave the house earlier than usual in order to make time for scraping ice off of the wind screen and planning our journey well in advance.

Driving in icy conditions can easily lead to accidents. You certainly don’t want to be that one person who decides to drive with a car covered in snow and no field of vision, you might be surprised but people have been known to do this!

You may think a boot full of items such as snow shovels, blankets and boots is excessive, but you just don’t know when you’ll get caught out and find yourself stranded in cold temperatures. You’ll most certainly be thanking yourself for packing that torch and blanket should you ever find yourself broken down at the side of the M60 one snowy evening.

In order to help our readers stay safe this winter we’ve teamed up with Pryers Solicitors who have produced this handy infographic to make sure you stay safe whilst driving.

Just remember, staying safe is far more important than getting to the office on time.

If you’re driving this winter don’t forget to follow the tips below and stay safe – If you have any safety tips for driving in winter weather we’d love it if you shared them in the comments below.

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