Mum's Night Off - We're going to see Taylor Swift!

On Wednesday the 24th Phillip and I will be going to see Taylor Swift live at the MEN Arena, (no we didn’t name our son after Taylor Swift, or Taylor Hanson, or Taylor York… Although being a huge fan of T-Swift, Hanson, and Paramore (Throw in McFly and you have my dream festival line-up!) maybe my love of the name was a little subliminal? It’s a great name!) this will see me leaving Taylor for the longest time period to date, hopefully I’ll be too excited to worry too much, but of course I will worry.

Before our baby boy was born I bought tickets to the show knowing that by the time the event would be taking place I would have a baby, I would be a MUM!

My baby would be five months old and I had no idea if I’d be able to leave him to go but I bought the tickets anyway, just in case. I remembering shuffling my little bump right up to my desk at work and vigorously battling with the ticket website and poor internet connection. I would have my tickets! I would have the option to see T-Swift should I want to, of course I want to!

Granted I managed to get the worst seats in history but I got my tickets regardless. We’re seated ‘In the god’s as Phill’s mum put it. The very top tier at the very back of the arena. I’ve never even seen this part of the arena open before, should I take binoculars?!

Jump ahead 8 months and here we are, we have our beautiful 5 month old baby boy and are two nights away from the big show taking place. So, am I ready to go?

I think so!

I’ve had one evening out since baby T was born, Daddy and I went for a meal and to see the new Avengers movie at our local cinema whilst the grandparents babysat for a couple of hours. I spent the entire duration of the film worried, I even called them from the popcorn queue to check he was okay! I can picture them laughing at me for this, it’s not that I did’t trust them I’m just a paranoid new mum.

  • Love the video. Have a wonderful evening. Taylor will be just fine!

    • LeeLeeLoves

      He was fine, flat out asleep when we got home but he woke as soon as he heard me. Which is good as I had to feed him, I left the MEN looking like I’d gone in there for a boob job :O Xx

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