Mission Impossible: Date Night!

Recently The Man and I embarked on what can sometimes seem like Mission Impossible, Date Night! Seven months ago before we were parents going to see a film at the cinema was the norm, in fact we went every week, it was as natural as going to do the food shop. We’re film nerds. Now it’s like we’re getting ready for our own Mission Impossible, planning not hours but days in advance, expressing milk organising the baby essentials, one last feed before we go… It’s endless.


We’re fans of Tom Cruise and the MI series so if theirs one film we were willing to call in a favour from the grandparents for it’s this, we still have unlimited passes for our cinema so didn’t need to pay aside from snacks, you need cinema snacks! (A large popcorn and cherry Ice Blast if you want specifics)

Although I probably spent 75% of the film wondering if Tails was being good for his grandparents I still managed to relax a little and really enjoyed the film. Toms plane stunt in Rogue Nation was impressive and I love that he does most stunts himself, I think it adds to the excitement of the film, but I don’t think you can be his free climbing in M:i-2. He may have aged but my goodness I still love him!


Overall it was another successful date night for us, we haven’t had many since Tails arrived but the opportunity for a couple of hours out of the house that doesn’t involve baby play is rare and has become to feel foreign to me, It always feels odd leaving the house with a tiny bag containing nothing more than a purse and my phone.

What do you like to do most on the rare occasion you get a night off?

In addition to this post I was sent this cool infographic from the guys over at Into The Blue and Hollywood News showing the worlds most dangerous movie stunts that were performed by the stars! Do you have any favourite movie stunts?

  • Nicola Naessens

    Date night is a rarity here too, when it does happen though we like to go out for dinner…the chance to eat a meal without having food swiped from our plates by little fingers is great! Glad you enjoyed the movie 🙂

  • Bogging Mummy

    Having a date night is something we are soooo in need of. Its so hard having the kids with us all the time and having no time to ourselves. xx

  • That’s good you have a date night. We don’t have them at all. The only time we go out is with mutual friends for meals. The OH doesn’t see the point of just going out for a drink together etc.

  • Jo Smith

    We try to have date nights too! It’s good to be adults together every now and then, it’s all too easy to forget who you are otherwise!

  • Alex Pearce

    The cinema is usually where we go for date night too! We only have one set of grandparents to babysit (my parents don’t live close enough) so we always feel bad asking, but we don’t do it very often. It’s important for new parents to get out and have some ‘me’ or ‘us’ time! If the grandparents will have the kid/s overnight too even better!! xx

  • Zoë Forde

    I am loving your fox purse! (I have such a fox obsession) I don’t have kids, but with working two jobs it is rare I get a night off. I like to spend those colouring in, watching netflix, or out for dinner with the girls x

  • Cinema is my date night, I love the cinema! We go quite a bit only thing I dislike is all the snacks I get through haha! x

  • Laura Haley

    I could so drink a Cherry Ice Blast right now!

  • I have date nights by myself, does that count? (God, how depressing does that sound!) Glad you had a good time though! xxx

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