Making a bum job better with Aqua Wipes

Taking care of babies skin is something that’s important to me. I’m that mum who spent the first three months of her firstborns life with a bowl of warm water and a bag of cotton wool.

I look back and laugh. Especially with our second, because who has the time or energy to wash and fill the bowl with warm water at 3am before getting up with a toddler at 6am? Not me!

Although I still like to make sure what I use on my babies skin is natural, harmless and the best possible quality for her delicate skin. Little Fox has eczema so when we moved on from cotton wool with him we used a water based wipe.

We’ve been using wipes on Dolly from day 1 and I have no regrets! We’re using Aqua Wipes and they’re made from 99% purified water with organic Aloe Vera. And what’s best is they’re also vegan-friendly and biodegradable!

We’ve come across a few water-based wipes in the last 3 years. And as parents who often use cloth nappies we’ve never found ones that are also biodegradable. This is a huge plus for the environment. If only all baby wipes were this earth-friendly.

Aqua Wipes aren’t flushable, but it’s good to know they’re not going to be clogging up the planet for eternity like others.

This year there were talks in the media of wet wipe elimination in the UK within the next 25 years. Really? How would parents get on without the trusty wet wipe? They’re our go-to for so many sticky, or smelly, situations!

I’m really pleased that we’ve found a wipe that’s both friendly to the baby and the environment! Although Aqua Wipes are biodegradable they’re still strong and durable. So you’re not going to find your fingers breaking through them at change time. They don’t tear, and they don’t dry out easily.

Dolly likes to grabs the wipes at change time. She’s started to interact with things around her and tries picking things up. Giving her a wipe to hold keeps her happy whilst being changed, and the natural ingredients mean I’m not worrying when she decides she’s going to suck the life out of it.

We use the wipes on both children from nappy changes to wiping mucky faces, sticking fingers and. There aren’t many scenarios where I can’t find a use for a wet wipe! The man also keeps a travel pack in his work bag. They became a favourite in our house quite fast, making a bum job better for involved!

Where to buy?

Aqua Wipes come in a variety of pack options to suit your lifestyle. From a value box containing 12 packs of 64 wipes, a value bag containing 4 packs or a singular pack. Each singular pack contains 64 biodegradable wipes. They also come in handy little travel packs of 12 wipes. With prices starting from £14.99 and are available to buy on Amazon.

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