Giving Cloth a Go with TotsBots

Recently Totsbots challenged us to ‘Give Cloth A Go’ with their new Easyfit Star. Setting us the challenge of using them for a full week, they sent us everything we needed to get to grips with cloth nappies. Having given up on cloth before, defeated by poppers, I was keen to see if they could be ‘the one’ for us.

Challenge accepted – Game on TotsBots!

The Easyfit Star is an all in one nappy with a bamboo core. No stuffing required, and best of all no popper fastenings (aside from size adjustment as your child grows). The fastening is hook and loop (Velcro) and as simple as using a disposable to fasten.


Totsbots are a brand we have admired for a long time. They produce high quality products that are Ethically manufactured right here in the UK. Now that’s a factory I’d like a tour of!

We’re also excited to able to offer you a whopping 50% off of the TotsBots starter kit, Teh code will be live Next week for Real Nappy Week, so if you like what you see, follow the link and use the code – LEELEE – at checkout.

Last year we dipped our toes into the world of cloth nappies, then pulled them right back out before they had the chance to get too cold! It didn’t go to plan. I wanted to be a user of cloth nappies more than anything. I loved the entire concept. The environmental aspects, the money saving, the gorgeous prints and chemical free fabrics.


Unfortunately, we never became ‘cloth bums’. Not everyone who cared for Taylor at the time could figure out the popper system on the nappies we were using. Their were lots of them! And to get a good fit it had to be done right, doing this with a wriggling baby was hard. Although I had no other issues with them, it was a bloomin’ stressful and rather short lived experience.


Taking on the challenge of Giving Cloth a Go with TotsBots, we received a selection of the Easyfit Star ‘story time 2’ prints, which are adorable, and some block colours. I was like a kid at Christmas opening the nappies, they’re beautiful!

That’s right nappies and beautiful in the same sentence. What has happened to me? I’ve come down with a full case of the TotsBots.

Before using our new nappies I prewashed them in a net bag. Four cycles at 40 degrees, back to back, as instructed to increase the fabrics absorbency.

We’ve been using the Easyfit Star for two weeks now and I’m a convert. It’s that simple. I might even qualify as cloth bum mum? They’re so easy to use, Grandma has been doing them too.


Retailing at £16.99 The Easyfit Star consists of a bamboo core. And unlike it’s Easyfit predecessors, it doesn’t come with the extra snap in booster. Why? Because it’s so absorbent you  don’t need it. This means the nappies are slimmer and much more streamline than ever before. We haven’t had trouble with getting any of Taylor’s existing wardrobe to fit over them thanks to this. It also features a unique ‘no escape’ zone and leak-proof seams, which have proven to do their job 100% so far.


The troubles we had before are long gone. Before I was too skeptical to use cloth nappies outside of the house. Taylor’s legs were skinny back then, and leaks were frequent. Now we’re taking them on long outings, and even using them overnight.

We received two TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch nappies, and two Peanut wraps for overnight use in our bundle. The first night I was beyond nervous and expecting the worst. Taylor has only ever had wet nappies at night. But that didn’t stop me picturing horror scenes of wet patches on the sleepyhead and a poonami up his back… I was amazed the next morning to find Taylor slept through in the nappy with no leaks, no wet patches, no poonami. Nothing!


Of course using cloth nappies isn’t as easy as using disposables and I can see why people may be put off. You no longer have the convenience of rolling everything up into one and putting it in the bin. It can be a little messy from time to time but it’s not difficult. Using disposable liners, that are also flushable and biodegradable, you can simply pop the poo in the loo. Job done.

Did you know 8 million disposable nappies are used each day in the UK alone? They are then sent to landfill, taking 500 years to decompose? Taylor’s old nappies will still be decomposing when he has great grandchildren.


Washing the nappies is easy. I’ve been putting a wash on every 3rd day, using TotsBots Potion, a fragrance free non-bio powder. We’re not the greenest of people just yet though as I am popping them in the tumble dryer. My nappy wash usually takes place around 9:00pm after a day at work, so line drying isn’t currently an option.

Just think, cloth nappies were being used long before anything else, and at a time when cleaning wasn’t so easy.

The one thing I have struggled with so far is where to put the used baby wipes?! I’ve been popping these into a nappy bag for now and disposing of them. If you have an alternative solution I would love to know! Maybe we should go completely green and invest in some reusable wipes?


The initial cost of purchasing reusable nappies can seem high and off putting to some, but it certainly outweighs that of buying disposables for 3 years. TotsBots also have a great system in place where you can purchase your nappies via a payment plan, ideal for if you’re still pregnant and looking to use cloth.

We’ve taken to TotsBots so well I’ve also purchased some preloved, Easyfit V4’s to add to our ‘stash’. With the intention of eventually going cloth full time. I’ve joined Facebook groups filled with ladies who are actually addicted to collecting cloth, selling and swapping, it’s an amazing community.

I’m pleased to say I’ve hardly touched a disposable nappy since taking on this challenge. Taylor loves them too, we’ve had no nappy rash since making the change and he now has extra padding for the 5000 times a day he falls over. They also happen to look adorable on him. What do you think?

We’re cloth bum converts. –  Thanks TotsBots!



You can purchase Totsbots online at, in store at Boots and many other leading retailers. The Easyfit Star retails at £16.99 per nappy.



  • Helen Russell

    So glad you’ve got on so well with the easyfit star. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of them. Definitely recommend cheeky wipes. Just throw them in the wash with the nappies. I find it much easier to clean up after a dirty nappy too, usually only need 1 or 2 wipes.

  • They look beautiful, I never had the courage to try them when mine were at that stage, maybe if I have another baby I will.xx

  • Wow, they look really great! I didn’t even know such easy to use cloth nappies existed, I’ve always been afraid to try them. Thinking about all of the nappies we use is really not a nice thought and this seems like a great alternative!

  • Babies, biscuits and booze

    These look great and much easier to use than most cloth nappies. I want to try them but my husband is refusing at the moment haha. They look so cute though! #MarvMondays

  • These look so great and something I wish I had tried out when my daughter was younger. The designs are super cute too! Thanks for sharing x

  • Mellissa Williams

    Fun, colourful and good for the environment. Sounds great that there is no nappy rash as well.

  • Hello Archie • blog

    As you know, I’m a huge fan of cloth nappies though we have had our struggles but I did like TotsBots. Unfortunately we blitzed most of ours by accidentally putting them on a 90 wash (idiot!), so I need to start again! Thanks for linking to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

  • Charlotte

    These look great! I haven’t used cloth nappies but I changed my friends daughter many years ago and it was really tricky. These look much better! x

  • Kellie Kearney

    Love the designs! Haven’t tried totsbots yet but they are on my wishlist. Didn’t know TB were velcro also, another positive into trying them.

  • Amanda Jenner

    i love the look and idea of cloth nappies but we have a septic tank and can’t flush the liners 🙁 x

  • Mental Parental

    I have always wondered whether I’d get on with cloth nappies… They do look wonderful x

  • I just can’t take the plunge and convert to a cloth bum mum. I hate the statistics about disposable nappies, but I’m such a stress head and found early days very tough with Lamb, I just know cloth nappies would stress me out even more x

  • claire

    Great review. I’m so tempted to try cloth nappies with my second baby (due in June). I’m not sure my husband would agree though due to the extra washing. Think we will wait until baby is here and see how I manage with two young children and see if we can handle the bit of extra work/washing. Love the designs though!

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