WaterBaby - Pregnancy Drinks

I wanted to share with you one of the things that has been a must for me so far throughout my pregnancy and an absolute god send when trying to keep down folic acid pills as you tackle morning sickness. This is something I came across when searching for different forms of folic acid as I was worried the baby wouldn’t be benefitting enough while I was experiencing a bout of morning sickness, its worked so well that I’ve continued to drink it through the rest of the pregnancy.

WaterBaby is a low calorie hydrating pregnancy drink designed to provide you with 100% of your daily intake of Folic Acid, it also contains a blend of vitamins including zinc, calcium and b vitamins.


I’ve been loving WaterBaby as its easy to grab a bottle on the go in the morning without remembering to take pills and also giving you the added element of hydration, when experiencing a few weeks of morning sickness and prenatal vitamins wouldn’t stay down this was the perfect solution and its also really refreshing.

The drinks are available in 3 flavours named Bloom (Cranberry) Care (Citrus) and Calm (Ginger & Lemon), my favourites have been Bloom and Care so far, the citrus is definitely the most refreshing of the three and helped me through my sickness.

You can purchase WaterBaby on amazon in packs of 12 from £14.67
I also came across some bottles in Poundland, surprising priced at £1 per bottle but not all flavours were available. 😉

It’s definitely a great sickness companion between nibbling on those ginger biscuits.

Have you tried anything different to help while experiencing morning all day sickness?

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