Review: The Calm Birth School

A positive, forward thinking programme designed to help you get the most out of your birth experience.

The Calm Birth School are helping mums achieve a positive birthing experience through a number of different techniques and I’ve taken on the task of giving it a go for myself!

Suzy & Hollie of TCBS are now offering an online tuition in hypnobirthing, you don’t even need to leave home to learn the techniques!

This is a course built up of video modules, handbooks, mp3s, 1+1 guidance and a great private support network of other like minded ladies who all want the best experience from their birth.

Each week I have received a series of module videos via email alongside a digital handbook and mp3’s, each video takes you over a new birth related topic or technique and teaches you the best ways to overcome your fears of birth and best practices for a birth that suits you.

Everything you need each week can be found in the members area over a series of four week intervals for you to refer back to as many times as you need.


Within the modules you’ll also have access to a series of MP3’s which are perfect for practicing the techniques to and preparing you for your calm birth experience.


Of course it isn’t magic, their are no guarantees and everybody is different. I may go into labour and have a terrible time (hopefully not) but I know for sure I am entering the journey so far feeling both relaxed and positive which is what hypnobirthing aims to do. The female body is designed to birth babies, its what it does! So if we take what our body wants to do and go with it, we should be in for a more pleasant experience than if we were to fight our bodies natural reactions.

So far I’m finding the classes to be really helpful in getting myself mentally geared up for the big day, whether or not I crumble on the day is another matter but I feel having a positive attitude to the experience and trying to stay relaxed can only help!

I’m hoping to feel positive and confident to use the techniques I’ve learnt from the course when our big day comes and will share my experience and thoughts on the techniques used.

You can try the CBS classes free for one week by signing up here or book the entire course including 1+1 tuition, video calls and a private support group.

Stay tuned to find out how I found the techniques worked for me during my calm birth!

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