Review: Sassy Bloom

We were given the opportunity to try Sassy Bloom and when our first our first box arrived I couldn’t wait to find out what was inside!

Sassy Bloom is a subscription box aimed at women during their third trimester of Pregnancy up until your child is two, each box is tailored to your child based on their age and gender, their are also personalised items that include their name! We don’t have a name yet, but the idea of future boxes with such items is exciting.

A single monthly box is charged at £29, so you can buy a one-off gift or one box just to try for yourself. However if you subscribe to one of the packages from between 3 and 12 months you can get them for as little as £22.15 per month, each box will always contain over £40 worth of goodies suited to your needs. I was amazed when ours came to an overall value of £48.99. Some of the items were absolutely perfect for us!

You can get your own Sassy Bloom box with £10 off using the code BLG-LEE and the link below!

Here’s what we thought of our box –


Firstly our box came addressed to the baby, which was adorable. The box itself is presented beautifully and comes wrapped in an organza bow, also handy for any crafty folk to keep and reuse, that’s what I’ll be doing!

Under the fold of the box is this very sweet message ‘hand picked happiness’ showing that a lot of thought has gone into the process of packaging the Sassy Bloom boxes, even down to the design of the box itself. Everything inside comes wrapped in a fresh white tissue paper with a SB sticker giving it that luxury feel.

What’s in our box?

Kaloo Sweet Life DouDou Patchwork Bear – RRP £18.00 –

This cute patchwork bear came in its own fancy little box and is covered in bold bright colours and varying textures. I think Baby C is going to love this! I know I do and it’s something I probably wouldn’t have thought to purchase, also a brand I hadn’t heard of before.

Little Bird Told Me Baby Car Sign – RRP 6.00 –

This has to be one of my favourite items from our Sassy Bloom box, It was the same day our box arrived that I had mentioned how we would need to buy a little hanger for the car window and now we have one! He’s a very cute snail and will do the job perfectly. This led to me looking at further products from the brand, where I discovered you can get a sit-on rocking snail, I really think I love him.

Sock Ons White 0-6 Months RRP £6.00 –

Sock Ons are a nifty little invention designed to be worn over baby socks to stop them falling off, apparently baby socks come off a lot. This must be why I always see babies out and about with one sock on their foot and one in their mouth!

I’ll be trying these out on Baby C and making sure we don’t lose any of those tiny socks I’ve been obsessing over for months.

Beaba Scissors – RRP £3.99 –

One item I hadn’t yet thought of buying for Baby C is grooming essentials, our Sassy box just so happened to include these brilliant Beaba Bubble Nail Scissors.

They come with a case and also a protective guard so you can safely trim those tiny but very sharp & scratchy baby nails. I imagine it’s going to be a very fiddly job, much like trimming the cats claws but potentially less dangerous, so this is yet another item in the box that will be of great use to us.

Bloom Bump & Baby Stretch Mark Defense Body Oil – RRP £14.00 –

The Bloom Bump Oil smells lovely and sinks into your skin really well, I found it perfect for massaging my bump. It’s really relaxing too. As for the benefits of reducing / preventing stretch marks I don’t have any yet but have been using products religiously so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve been told they can creep up at the very last second or even after birth! Blimey.

Spatone Liquid Iron Supplement – RRP £1.00 –

The last item in our box was a sachet of Spatone liquid iron supplement, I’ve got a whopping big box of these that I’ve been taking but they’re not apple, so I’ve had to mix them in with fruit juice as the packaging recommends, otherwise it’s a lot like sucking on two-pence pieces! Ew.

With the flavoured version there is no need for this making it easier to take when out and about. I’ll definitely be looking for the flavoured version next time after trying this.

Overall I found the Sassy Bloom box to be of great value and filled with items I might not normally choose to purchase but also wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, all of the products in our box are suited to us and I was surprised to find we actually have a use/need for each of them. I think Baby C definitely approved as the kicks and wiggles were paramount whilst we waded through the goodies.

I’d recommend the boxes to any mums as receiving a box full of fun every month for you and your little one is the perfect treat, I think we’ll be enjoying more boxes in the future once Baby is here to share the surprise too!

Baby C and I are excited to offer you the opportunity to get £10 off of your first box using the code BLG-LEE over at so you too can see what the excitement is all about.

Have you tried any of the products that were in my box? Let me know what you think!

  • Tilly

    Really enjoyed reading your blog post about – we’re also members and just love getting our box of brilliance each month 🙂 x

    • LeeLeeLoves

      Thank you! I really loved it, certainly looking to get more. It’s actually more exciting than a beauty box. Xx

  • I’ve never heard of these boxes but they look good – they would make great gifts! I think all of the products you got would have been useful to me!

  • It looks like a great collection of items 🙂

    • LeeLeeLoves

      Can’t wait to start using them with our tiny person! Not long now, yikes. Xx

  • I love Sassy Bloom too, probably the best subscription box I’ve tried so far. Great review x

    • LeeLeeLoves

      Thank you! I loved the box and want more. It’s strange how I love all things baby related before beauty or fashion, within an instant I think my mentality has changed. Xx

  • Aw I would have loved the idea of something like this when I was pregnant 8 years ago. Who does not like something coming through the post every month. Looks beautiful products x

    • LeeLeeLoves

      I think it’s definitely nice if you’re at home often with a newborn, a nice little treat in the post would perk up anyones day! Xx

  • Ah this is another subscription box that looks a lot better than most! Good to see practical items included 🙂 x x

    • LeeLeeLoves

      I was surprised, we will actually get use out of everything which is rare for a subscription box. 🙂 Xx

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