Review: Lollipop 4D Baby Scans

This week we went to Lollipop 4D Baby Scans in the heart of manchester city centre, this was our second visit as the week before baby was in an awkward position and didn’t want to show us much of anything.

After speaking to Liam who is co-owner of Lollipop with his wife Anna I was able to get my rescan booked in for the following Sunday (October 12th) which was fantastic. It wasn’t until somebody at work pointed it out that I realised this was my birthday! I forgot my own birthday… is this a sign of growing old? I may be 25 but I’m still getting ALL of the dirty looks from people since being pregnant, it must be that youthful face. Hey-ho!


This was the first time we’ve seen the baby awake and it was amazing, the sheer detail of the 4D scan is astounding and you have to remind yourself that what you’re seeing is actually taking place inside you at that moment in time. Baby spent some time rubbing their nose and opening their mouth which was fascinating to see.

The scan went perfectly and Elizabeth who is the sonographer makes you feel so comfortable, she is very friendly and overall just a really lovely person as was the lady on reception. We were able to finally confirm Baby C’s gender which was a relief, and have a look at them in detail. After the previous week of being cross legged and smushed up this week baby spent a lot of time covering their face, typical! (Is this baby playing games with us?)

But look at that little face! I can’t wait to see it again and give baby a big squish!

Just to add to how perfect our afternoon was they knew it was my birthday (I’m guessing this was via twitter where I had mentioned going for my scan on my birthday) and had some lovely millies cookies for me, seriously how amazing is that?! I felt well and truly spoilt!


If you’re looking for somewhere in central Manchester for a 3D/4D scan I can’t recommend Lollipop enough, it’s value for money and the  service is brilliant. A very friendly and professional team. Thanks for a truly great experience Lollipop!

You can book your own scan via their website at and catch them over on twitter @Lollipop4dscans and Facebook if you have any questions!





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  • Wow what amazing pictures. I would LOVE a 3d scan but we didn’t find out so would be worried if we saw something. Can’t wait to follow your pregnancy journey and sod the dirty looks what has it got to do with them? xx

    • LeeLeeLoves

      It was really great experience, I think you can pre-warn them that you don’t want to know or see anything gender related but then I suppose they can’t predict the position of baby and with the amount of detail it might just be there and spoil it. I know of a few people who are team yellow and still managed to have them though. 🙂

      Old ladies on the bus love giving me disapproving looks now, I just smile at them! Xx

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