Milestone: Taylor is 4 Weeks Old, and Finally Sleeping!

Today marks the day that Taylor is four weeks old, 29/01/15, on Sunday he’ll be one month old. It’s gone so fast I feel like I’ve blinked and almost a month of his life has passed us by. I’ve been taking every opportunity to simply hold him and have endless cuddles, he’s already grown and changed so much.

I feel like we should buy a Birthday Cake to celebrate the occasion, but maybe thats just because I love a good excuse to eat cake?!

Everyone has been commenting on how big he has gotten, I think its harder for me to notice as I spend all of my time with him, I’m going to have him weighed again soon and see if their has been much change since the health visitor came. Visually he is already so different from the tiny baby we brought home four weeks ago.

Although he is still wearing his newborn and first size clothing he’s really starting to fill them out, his feet have now started to reach the end of his babygrows and since having his first bath his hair became a lot lighter. It sits on end in a fluffy mohawk, it’s really rather cute!

I’ll be honest it makes me a little sad to realise how fast this baby boy is going to grow up. This week he’s started to become more vocal, not just cries or wimpers but funny little sounds even when he isn’t being grumpy.

He is now sleeping really well which is amazing at four weeks, I was still expecting to be up all night, lets not jinx it!

I’ve been putting him down in his Snuzpod around 11:30pm after a long feed for the last two weeks and he doesn’t wake again until between 3:00am and 4:00am, after a clean bottom and feed he’ll then go back down until around 6:00am or 7:00am, when compared to three weeks ago where I wasn’t sleeping at all during the night it has felt fantastic!

I’ve been taking plenty of pictures of tiny T and I’m sure everyone is getting sick of them by now, I am definitely that annoying friend who posts too many pictures of their baby, if you’re one of those people who likes to coo over baby pictures then you can catch a glimpse of this over on Instagram or Facebook until our next update!

Now I must go and cuddle this bundle some more.





  • Oh he’s so cute! Glad you’re all getting a little more sleep! :3

  • He is ADORABLE! And yes, it really does go so fast. You will know that already now! x x Thanks for linking up to #MaternityMatters x

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