VTech Hop-a-Roo Kangaroo - Review

Taylor and Harriet have both grown up playing with VTech toys. So when VTech asked us to join the VTech Play Panel we couldn’t wait to test our first toy!

As members of the Play Panel, we’ll be receiving and testing some of the latest VTech toys and telling you all about them!

Hopefully, we’ll come across some real gems for your Christmas and birthday lists this year!

Our first toy as Play Panel testers is the Hop-A-Roo Kangaroo. A fun interactive learning toy for littles aged 12 months and up.

Both Taylor who is 4 and Harriet who is 17 months have enjoyed playing with the Hop-A-Roo Kangaroo so far.

The Kangaroo hops to encourage little ones to move, it has 3 different activities, singing, kissing and jumping. Each hand has a button which activates phrases, numbers and sounds. Making it both fun and educational for little ones.

With 2 songs and 10 melodies, Harriet loves playing with Hop-A-Roo.
She especially loves the baby Joey who can be placed in and out of the Kangaroos pouch. Hop-a-Roo is a soft and vibrant toy which the children love.

The hopping element of the Hop-a-Roo Kangaroo can be a little hit or miss.  Sometimes it will hop along the floor a little, others it simply bounces up and down on the spot. This could be due to our wood flooring? I had expected it would move more to encourage younger babies to crawl/toddle. but it mostly stays in one spot. It is back heavy so when it hops I find it leans back onto the tail without really moving forward. This hasn’t bothered Harriet though, she still thinks it’s great to watch the Kangaroo hop!

Harriet is the perfect age for this toy and she’s really enjoyed playing with it. ​It’s lovely to see her interacting with it and exploring through play. Popping the Joey in its pouch, dancing to the songs and hopping up and down!

Overall both children have really enjoyed this toy both going back to play with it over the weeks. Unlike some toys that simply gather dust after day 1. The Hop-a-Roo Kangaroo retails at £39.99 and would make a great gift for little one’s ages 1-3

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