Tiny Treasures Baby Doll review

Playing with Dolls is something both of my children love to do. Although our baby girl may only be 1 herself she already loves dolls, as does her older brother. The Tiny Treasures Baby Doll is a realistic baby doll in both looks and features. It’s weighted to feel more like a real baby and has a talc-like scent to it to smell like a real baby too!

Our Tiny Treasures Doll is a girl who came strapped into her box as if she were in a cardboard car seat. Which I found to be a nice touch. The children tore through it before I had the chance to take a picture, nonplussed by it’s quirkiness. She also came with a birth certificate, left blank to add your own choice of details. And a cute little hospital wristband. Just a like a real newborn baby!

Our Tiny Treasures Doll, named by her new owners as Tabitha, has been a real welcome addition to the family.

Retailing at £39.99 she is a high end option, but the quality and feel of this doll is lovely. I can see Harriet still having her and playing with her for years to come.

Taylor has also spent some time playing with her. He has tried changing her nappy and telling his sister how you’re supposed to look after a baby. It’s rather sweet to watch!

Tabitha has a floppy neck and limbs just like a real baby. So showing  children how to support her head is a great way to teach children how you should hold a real baby. This would have been perfect pre-Harriet when Taylor would ask to hold her!

These dolls currently retail at £39.99 exclusive at Argos, and are available as a boy or girl in pink and blue outfits. With a further range of clothing and baby essentials, perfect for expanding play.

Tiny Treasures Baby Dolls are of great quality and a lovely doll for any little boys and girls who want to feel like they have a real baby to take care of!

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