Surprise! You just found your child’s new number 1 favourite toy with Blippi!

YouTube kids is a real love-hate platform and source of debate amongst many parents.

Although some may disagree with letting children watch YouTube, or having screen time at all, I’ve always been ok with things in moderation and that includes youtube.

Because when you need 15 minutes without a miniature version of yourself clinging to your leg, youtube can provide that for you. Thanks, Youtube!

If your little ones enjoy watching a little, or a lot, of YouTube kids then chances are you’ll have come across Blippi at some point. The fact that you’re reading this is likely because you already have a Blippi fan and want to know all about the awesome new range of toys that just dropped in the UK!

Blippi has been loved amongst preschoolers the world over for years now. They love his fun lessons on a range of topics from how tractors work to future professions that they can have. And now there’s a whole line of toys from Jazwares so kids can explore the world off-screen!  About time!

We were sent this awesome box of Blippi goodies to test, first of all, the box screamed Blippi and the children were very excited by it!

Taylor immediately recognised it by the branding on the box, and Harriet was simply excited that they had a box to open

Once the box had been ripped into the following toys were unveiled.

Blippi Surprise Boxes – Available at Smyths/Argos or to buy online here – (£9.99)

Blippi surprise box numbers contains 1 Blippi figure and small boxes containing items for children to count.
Taylor enjoyed these however the ‘surprise’ element was a little lost as the picture does show exactly what’s inside. Not much of a ‘surprise’ after all.

My Buddy Blippi Doll – Available at Smyths/Argos or to buy online here – (£17.99)

My Buddy Blippi is a  favourite of Harriet’s, she’s spent a lot of time wandering around giving Blippi cuddles, putting him in her dolly pram and making him drink pretend tea. They’ve become good friends. The doll is really good quality and actually looks really cute, cuter than the real Blippi, sorry Stevin!

Be Like Blippi Role Play – Available at Smyths/Argos or to buy online here – £14.99

Be like Blippi is a cute little role play set so children can dress like Blippi. It consists of a bow tie, braces, hat and glasses. It’ cute but the quality of these products isn’t the best. The children enjoyed trying it on upon arrival but haven’t really reached for it ever since.

Blippi Ball Pit Surprise – Available at Smyths – (£3.99)

Blippi Ball Pit Suprise is Taylor’s favourite amongst the toys, a plastic ball, just like in a ball pit, and inside is a different Blippi character with a little card and alphabet block to stand it on. Each figure is holding something different and they loved seeing what they had each time!

Blippi Vehicles – Available at Smyths – (£5.99)

The Blippi vehicles are a great value product and both children loved playing with these, especially putting things in the back of the ‘garabage’ truck.

Overall I think the Blippi toys are good value for money, they aren’t overpriced and they’re not cheaply made. The children have both enjoyed them, I personally think the Blippi doll is the best item in the range of products.

I’ve linked the items above, but they’re available to buy in smyths, argos and amazon.

Be quick before they sell out!

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