Sliding into Summer with Little Tikes

As summer draws to a close we’ve been making the most of the warm weather. Theirs only so long you can get away with spending each day outdoors before the wet British weather takes over and we didn’t want to waste any of it.

Taylor has spent the majority of the summer in the garden, It’s his favourite play space.
Before we moved into our house I wrote about creating a play space for him.  This summer Little Tikes have sent us a new slide to make it even more enjoyable!

Having outgrown the toddler slide, Taylor was beyond excited to give the Little Tikes Giant Slide a go! It took less than 20 minutes from opening the box to the slide being in use.
It can also be folded for easy storage during the winter. We’ll be able to pop into the garage to protect it from the elements.

Our garden is slowly becoming the play haven I envisioned. From the playhouse and sand table to the new slide it’s the perfect place for the little ones to enjoy being outdoors.

Taylor has spent hours going up and down the slide on repeat, sending cars down it, making dinosaurs climb it, running under it. The possibilities of play are endless.

At 180cm long and suitable from 24 months – 5 years It’s going to last both him and Harriet many years, without needing to upgrade any further! You can buy the Little Tikes Giant Slide for £129.99 at

Next on our list is to extend the patio. I’m hoping to create an outdoor seating area ready for next summer. We’d also love to add Artificial Grass in the future.

I want the garden to be somewhere fun and exciting. A space that Taylor and Harriet choose to spend time in. A space that we can all enjoy as a family.

Gardens are often forgotten about but they’re a real extension of a house that should be treated like an extra room. We’re really beginning to utilise ours and it’s a lovely place to watch them play when the weather allows.

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