Jumping into June with the Skip Hop Jumpscape Foldaway Activity Jumper

As with many baby products you often have to ask yourself, do I need it? Is it a baby essential that you or your baby can’t live without? Is it going to improve your life?

One big baby item that often has parents asking if they ‘need’ it are jumpers. You know the ones, huge contraptions in vibrant colours for your baby to sit inside & bounce until they’re exhausted.  Also allowing you to wash dishes or drink tea with two hands!

Now there are many well-known brands of these large baby play things that many of us like to refer to as ‘the circle of neglect’. And they do take up a substantial amount of space.

Having had one with Taylor, which semi-folded for storage but not enough to actually put it away anywhere out of sight, I found myself asking; does Harriet need one? Well, yes. Yes, she did.

Actually, I found it to be more beneficial for a second child. Because you can leave them to it whilst you’re answering to the beck and call of your demanding firstborn who now requires you to wipe his bum and hand feed him grapes off the vine, or so it often feels that way!

4 years on from Taylors days in the circle of neglect there are now many more options on the market.

And I like to think we’ve found the BEST one. Now you’re right, that’s a bold statement to make. But now you also want to know what it is and why it’s the best, don’t you?

We were sent the Skip Hop Jumpscape Foldaway Activity Jumper to test. And had it been rubbish I’d be the first to tell you. Instead, it exceeded my expectations. Especially when compared to the other well-known product of its kind, which we had for Taylor.

The Skip Hop Jumpscape is modern looking not only does it look good, but it also collapses down to 6.5 inches for easy storage! You do however need to unclip the tray toys for this to work but they are easy to remove. Another great feature, the toys are removable so cleaning them is easy.

Another fun feature alongside the cute toys is the light-up cloud. The cloud tracks baby’s jumps and bounces and rewards them with colourful lights and sounds. Four fun sound effects when the button is pushed and an applause jump at the 100-jump milestone. Harriet is ye to reach 100! We’ve made it to45 but she spends more time playing with the toys than actually jumping.

The Skip Hop Jumpscape is suitable from 4 months and will last well into your little ones early years. Harriet still fits at 18 months old! The

Skip Hop Jumpscape Foldaway Activity Jumper is available to buy from Amazon and various other retailers for  £140.

Disclosure: We were sent the jumpscape for the purpose of the review. All words and images are my own. This post contains affiliate links which if clicked and you make a purchase, I get a small thank you in return. Thanks for supporting me! 
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