Protecting mattresses with B-Sensible Bedding 

When Little Foxe’s new bed arrived it dawned on me, we didn’t have a protective sheet! And I started having visions of leaky nappies and spilt milk on the new mattress. When B-Sensible asked if we’d like to try out their protective bedsheets I thought it could be a good solution to my new mattress nightmares. Especially in the midst of potty training.

I was, apprehensive about the idea of waterproof sheets. When I was a child waterproof sheets to protect your bed were quite simply a plastic sheet that sat underneath your standard bed sheet. It was cold and crinkly. God forbid a friend stayed over because there was no hiding it! Awkward.

Upon opening the sheets I was expecting crinkly plastic, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The sheets are soft and don’t create noise when being moved on, they’re machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer. A big win for me!

The B-Sensible sheets are completely waterproof making it easy to clear up any accidents or spillages and your mattress is kept like brand new underneath. We have them on both our bed and Little Foxes and for good reason.

I wasn’t sure we needed them on our bed at first but they’ve come in handy so many times. You can’t predict when a toddler is going to come into your bed and have an accident. Or worse be sick. Clearing up sick at 2 am is bad enough without dealing with multiple layers of dirty bedding and a sodden mattress.

Having put them to the test for a month now I wonder how we managed without them for so long. Little Fox didn’t  waste any time before being sick on them, all of them. Having accidents, and spilling drinks. They’ve washed well every time and already rescued our matresses many times in such a short space of time!

Available in all sizes; cot and cot bed to single, small double, double, king and super king for your bigger beds.

Both the protective sheets and the 2 in 1 pillowcases come in white, lilac, pink, brown, sky blue, purple, duck egg blue, red, beige, turquoise, fuchsia, black, grey anthracite, burgundy, arran, green pistachio and lavender so there is a colour to fit in with any room decor you may have.

The overall quality and reliability of the sheets have been greater than I expected. You don’t overheat like with most plastic sheets and are able to enjoy a good nights sleep in comfort knowing your bed is protected in the event of an accident.

We’ve been using the single sheet retailing at £35 and the King size sheet which retails at £46. In addition to this, we’ve also been using the pillowcases which retail at £16. You can purchase these online at

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